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Tech Talk: IT trends for 2018 – passwords on the way out, blockchain evolves

Our tech panel envisions the end of passwords, looks at how blockchain is evolving, details why 'serverless' computing is a boon to devs and wonders why Apple's HomePod seems late to the game.

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Want a more diverse workforce? Hire bootcamp graduates

Coding bootcamps are producing more than double the number of graduates as the U.S.’s largest traditional CS programs, and those graduates are far more diverse.

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Economic and political factors affecting global software outsourcing in five supplier countries

5 countries (other than the U.S.) that have notable circumstances that should be examined from an IT outsourcing potential.

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Startup harnesses DevOps’ continuous delivery chaos

IT organizations tackling DevOps are spending too much time writing automation scripts. Enter, a startup whose continuous delivery as a service platform seeks to eliminate manual labor and reduce errors.

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Devsecops: Game-changing the app economy

Devsecops is a disruptive force that will not only improve application security, but also enable the security team to create greater value for their organization.

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What to look for in hiring a Node.js developer

Looking for Node.js developers to join your dev team? Here’s how to vet candidates for your next hire.

Agile Project Management

Think you’ve created an agile business culture? Not so fast

Understanding the clash between IT and end-users and how to foster agility.

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12 tips for using DevOps to fuel digital transformation

DevOps can help your organization accelerate software and services delivery. IT leaders from Intuit, MetLife and Red Hat outline key points CIOs can follow as they look to support their digital transformations with DevOps.

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Agile Scrumban: the best approach for customer success

An 'Agile Scrumban' solution, a combination of the Scrum framework and the Kanban system, both associated with agile, is ideal for managing customer success.

Alexa Skills

Mingis on Tech: Coding new skills for Alexa

Alexa is the helpful voice in the Echo and Echo Dot that comes with a wide range of skills already available. But with a little coding, it can be made to do much more. IDG's Sharon Machlis explains.

Scrum Master Role Explained

The scrum master role explained

Watch this instructional video to understand how a scrum master can help a team learn agile development and follow a scrum process to develop new applications

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5 hurdles to adopting devops

The devops journey involves significant changes in culture, processes and technologies. Here’s how to overcome the most common challenges along the way.

Rust Language

The Rust language: Developing safer software

Get up to speed quickly on newcomer Rust, designed to create fast, system-level software. This two-minute animated explainer shows how Rust bypasses the vexing programming issues of memory and management.

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How Bank of America's tech chief manages culture

Data helps Cathy Bessant gauge how her staff understands the corporate mission for a bank undergoing a broad business transformation.

Missed target.

7 simple ways to fail at agile

Creating and sustaining a successful agile program requires a strong commitment and careful planning. Yet ruining a functional agile initiative is remarkably easy.

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Cybersecurity considerations for outsourcing software development

When it comes to outsourcing software development, you can never be too careful. Be sure to take thoughtful steps to protect your information assets, and protect the productivity gains that you realize through outsourcing. Learn how...

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6 steps to devops success

Making the most of a switch to devops requires new tools, new processes and a significant cultural shift. Here’s how to begin your journey to improved IT service delivery and optimized costs.

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Changing the definition of software testing in the AI era

AI-driven software requires an updated approach to software testing.

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