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Digital disruption: software testing with machine learning

The sooner you can implement an in-house AI platform to assist you in your application testing, you will discover a more accurate and efficient deployment with reduced effort.

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But it worked for me...

By the time someone approaches you with a problem, you have missed the first few chances to prevent the situation from occurring.

artificial intelligence / machine learning

Changing the definition of software testing in the AI era

AI-driven software requires an updated approach to software testing.

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A comprehensive guide to A/B testing

A/B testing is the strategy to showcase two (or more) different versions of product to different users. User A sees the product version A, and user B sees the product version B. When done on a sufficiently large user base, metrics...

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10 signs your automation is in trouble

Let’s face it, automation isn’t cheap, but done well it can make your testing effort far more efficient and help you get to market faster. When done poorly, however, it can burn through your budget without providing any real benefit....

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