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Exiting the computing business

Can AI predict when that new hire will quit?

New pattern matching tech takes aim at predicting how long new hires will stay, potentially saving employers billions per year. But has AI really cracked the code on employee retention?

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7 steps to become an AI-enabled enterprise

Finding your artificial intelligence enterprise strategy.

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How AI will impact your IT career

AI is fast becoming a go-to technology for business transformation, shaking up roles across the enterprise. Here’s how to make the most of this inevitable evolution.

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How AI could revolutionize project management

Estimation, resource management and KPIs are just a few of the key areas where machine learning and predictive analytics can have a positive impact on project outcomes.

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If artificial intelligence changes everything at work, then education must change, too

If AI is changing everything about our jobs, what does that say about how we as humans prepare for those jobs? How must education – from preschool through grad school – also change?

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2018 predictions: AI, SaaS and the evolution of IT

From the evolution of IT to AI, learn more about five technology trends that will impact businesses in 2018.

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Artificial intelligence is not a threat to human society

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to make our lives easier. Period!

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The service desk of our times

The evolution of intelligent service management, and why AI has brought enterprises to the cusp of the next transformation.

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Will machine learning and AI change responsive web design?

Web developers have streamlined and added features in web design to customize websites for users, but AI and machine learning will further the user experience in web design.

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Leveraging machine learning to get more out of CRMs

Machine learning could be leveraged to capture more opportunities with customer resource management.

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AI in the workplace: Paving the way for man-machine collaboration

There’s little question AI-driven automation is poised to disrupt enterprises worldwide. The question is what you, as a CIO, are doing to prepare for a world where man and machines work together.

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How CIOs can get buy-in for a job-destroying AI revolution

If AI is to develop further, investment will be needed…and that will have to come from increased profitability.

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Game changer or jobs at risk? AI and work of the future

While much of the discourse around AI and automation has been concerned with the looming threat to the workforce, this ignores the fact that history has shown disruptive technologies often lead to progressive evolution.

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The future of ERP is AI

Despite cultural barriers and legacy tech, AI is poised to take over ERP functions, with ERP vendors adding new machine learning features and enterprises keen to investigate.

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Why 2017 was pivotal for AI transformation in the financial industry

If fintech companies and banks want to stay competitive in 2018, in a market where technology will be the ultimate differentiator, there is no way around AI adoption.

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Cyborg supply chain – how AI and humans will revolutionize labor

Now in the early stages of AI-supported labor, a discussion surrounding how we can prepare for and embrace the labor change spearheaded by this technology is needed.

The fog of AI hype will clear in 2018

AI and automation to move from theory to practice in 2018

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4 business applications for natural language processing

Four natural language processing business applications being developed today that we’ll all use tomorrow.

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With great power comes great responsibility

Give back to your community by using tech for good.

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Data enrichment – a force multiplier in a big data environment

As data usage increases, data quality will only continue to evolve.

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