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Establishing enterprise IT best practices for an SMB

Enterprises spend trillions of dollars each year on storage and security compliance. Here are some of the best practices that enterprise IT adhere to, and how small businesses could deploy similar systems for your own infrastructure...

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How IBM's agile, design-first approach increases employee productivity

IBM CIO Fletcher Previn explains how agile development, Net Promoter Score, and organizational structure are key to delivering easy-to-use solutions that drive innovation and employee efficiency.

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12 tips for using DevOps to fuel digital transformation

DevOps can help your organization accelerate software and services delivery. IT leaders from Intuit, MetLife and Red Hat outline key points CIOs can follow as they look to support their digital transformations with DevOps.

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10 ways you’re getting workplace diversity wrong (and how to get it right)

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for a successful diversity and inclusion strategy, but there are best practices that can ensure you’re establishing a diverse workplace that can innovate and thrive.

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How to ensure IT works on the right projects

To make sure IT spending goes toward the most important projects, Dave Hudson, CIO of Veritiv, says you need a combination of vision, goals and governance.

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Data-Driven Marketing and the Role of the CMO

Much has been made of balancing the art and science of marketing, but few can deny the critical role that day plays in the modern marketing organization.

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Sean Ford, SVP & CMO, LogMeIn

LogMeIn CMO, Sean Ford, sits down with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, to discuss LogMeIn's focus on digital transformation for the coming year, how he's leading his team through times of change in the industry, and how...

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CMO Insights on Marketing Events

According to these top CMOs, face-to-face events create an educational environment for networking with peers and vendors, as well as overall knowledge sharing.

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Export your IT people into the business

By letting IT staff work with business teams, Scotts Miracle-Gro CIO Mark Sims created a structure that distributes development, delivery and support across the company.

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Stop before your employees drop

Employees are a company’s most important asset. Manage them like it.

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CIOs are ready for the COO chair

Phil Fasano, who spent a career in the CIO role, says CIOs should do more than drive operational change — they should become operations leaders.

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But it worked for me...

By the time someone approaches you with a problem, you have missed the first few chances to prevent the situation from occurring.


A checklist for superior leadership

Far too many leaders think that their technical or operational prowess is a benchmark for success. The superior ones, however, understand the power of influence, empathy and everything else that's required for leading people.

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Is strategic planning the key to IT cost optimization?

How a Fortune 500 company saved millions using this win-win negotiation tactic.

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Ethical principles for algorithms

As big data analytics continues to transform the economic and social landscape, is it time to ask questions about the ethical nature of the algorithms employed by various organizations? Is it the responsibility of organizations to...

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The building blocks of a digital transformation

Too many companies prioritize the novelty of transformation over the operational perspective necessary to ensure success.

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The backward way of gathering enterprise software requirements

Organizations ask users for their requirements, only to find that when enterprise software goes live, it doesn’t meet user expectations. It turns out that we have been doing this backward for years.

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Building shared services in a culture of fierce decentralization

Eighteen months after implementing a centralized IT strategy, Magna International's CIO says complaints about IT fragmentation and costs have dropped.

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