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Enterprise CIOs should watch how AI and blockchain build the cannabis industry

The legal cannabis industry is proving to be fast moving and innovative. Its IT leaders have the challenge and the luxury to adopt new technologies, including AI and blockchain, without the limitations of legacy systems. Enterprise...

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Ecommerce will be safer than ever thanks to blockchain technology

The current model has already proven itself to be insufficient, and the consequences of inaction could impact not just retailers themselves, but millions of users across the globe.

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain investor gives suggestions to global governments regulating new technologies

A talk with Miko Matsumura, who founded crypto exchange Evercoin and is a Venture Partner with BitBull Capital, on how governments might regulate blockchain and cryptocurrencies while still allowing for innovation.

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IBM bets big on the ‘incumbent disruptor’

IBM's gambit will hinge on whether or not enterprise leaders can reshape and reorient organizations built for one era to meet the needs of the next.

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How blockchain is disrupting the legal industry

For those in the legal profession, blockchain and its ramifications are likely to continue to be hot topics for the months and years to come.

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In ‘trustless’ payment systems, trust is still necessary

Blockchain cannot eliminate trust from the equation, but it can reduce the burden that trust places on any system.

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United Nations blockchain pioneer prevents fraud of international aid payments

An interview with Joseph Thompson, co-founder and CEO of AID:Tech, and a winner of James Wolfensohn Game Changer Award and UN Sustainable Development Goal Pioneer 2017 for blockchain technology.

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Ad networks should be decentralized to make a better internet

Blockchain has the potential to resolve many of the issues facing ad networks, including the rampant fraud that is quickly, and unfortunately, becoming a central point of contention within the industry.

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IoT, Corfu and the future of research at VMware

VMware Chief Research Officer David Tennenhouse focuses on data-grounded insights and emerging technology to enhance the customer experience.

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A startup guide to accepting cryptocurrency transactions

The number of people using cryptocurrencies is on the rise and is only expected to grow over the next few years. Accepting these currencies from your customers is thus a strategic decision that can put you at a competitive advantage. ...

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Here’s what blockchain can do for you. Yes, you

Programmable ledger can track everything from organic vegetables to software code.

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Household names bring new tech to consumers with blockchain

The acceptance and opportunities granted by the support of blockchain by major names like Amazon and Google add to ongoing momentum while paving the path for further disruption.

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Predicting the future with social physics and blockchain

Identifying and appreciating the human presence in markets is crucial to determine what kind of future cryptocurrency has.

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