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8 commitment from the top commit support buy in from boss handshake

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At Mitel, kaizen proves key to streamlining business processes

Mitel CIO Jamshid Rezaei turned to the Japanese practice of kaizen prizing continuous improvement over wholesale change. Up next: leveraging AI, IoT as the future of cloud-based communications.

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10 IT automation mistakes to avoid

From RPA to DevOps, the upside of automation is an easy sell. But in practice automation can prove tricky if not tackled right.

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Top 11 RPA tools

Robotic process automation (RPA) can streamline business workflows by eliminating tedious manual tasks without requiring you to completely re-engineer legacy systems.


Robotic process automation is on the rise

When it comes to business process management, the drive for efficiency is king. Enter RPA to help streamline legacy processes.


6 ways ITSM automation is changing business

Automation helps organizations eliminate defects and redundancies, freeing up staff for higher-value work. Here are six ways businesses are taking advantage of automation for IT service management.

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5 reasons RPA deployments fail

Robotic process automation offers significant benefits, but many RPA pilot projects go nowhere thanks to a mix of planning, personnel and implementation issues.


Facing competing objectives, CIOs share prioritization strategies

Global IT leaders share the most effective ways to balance long-standing and innovative efforts.

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What is RPA? A revolution in business process automation

More CIOS are turning to robotic process automation to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing corporate workers to focus on higher value work. But RPA requires proper design, planning and governance if it's to bolster the business, experts...

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Anthem taps RPA, AI in digital transformation push

The health insurance company is using robotic process automation to balance data center workloads as part of CIO Tim Skeen’s effort to make IT operations more nimble for stakeholders.

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7 RPA training and certification courses

Robotic process automation (RPA) has great potential for streamlining business operations. Here’s how to develop high-demand RPA skills as organizations move to automate their business processes.

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Business excellence: why sound business methods fail so often

Don’t confuse the scaffolding for the building.

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8 keys to a successful RPA implementation

Robotic process automation can reap efficiencies and free up staff time for higher-value tasks. Here’s how to do RPA right.

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Why process is key for growing companies

Why do some companies start out strong then fail to sustain their success as they grow? Process discipline is one of the essential ingredients required to help growing companies thrive.

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Balance the battle between process variations and standardization

Creating process variations should always be approached with care in order to reduce unnecessary complexities and inefficiencies. These seven steps should help.

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Why purpose-built beats custom-built for commerce applications

When considering whether to buy or build your enterprise's next commerce platform.

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A product management manifesto – what it is and why you need it, part 2

The 10-point product manager manifesto that will help you beat your competition to market and the next innovation.

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The future of delivery processes and ways of working (ablauforganization)

Every business wants to be agile, but pitfalls lurk on the way. We show you how to circumvent them and succeed with pragmatic solutions.

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Don’t let complexity cripple your business

Organizations can start to remove complexity by simplifying processes and making them work for instead of against their teams. Here's how.

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