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10 do’s and don’ts for crafting more effective SLAs

SLA adherence is no guarantee of outsourcing success. Here’s how to avoid seeing red when all the lights on the service delivery dashboard are green.

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Digital transformation is driving hybrid cloud investment trends

As enterprises go through their own digital transformation journeys, hybrid cloud environments are becoming the platform for agility, innovation and automating data services.

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Implementing SAP S4/HANA digital core – Don’t be a prisoner to unnecessary costs

Program managers must regularly check the health of four different kinds of relationships to increase their chances of developing a successful program. Otherwise, they'll face their own version of the 'Prisoner's Dilemma.'

leading fistful of dollars budgets money

Your IT resolution for 2018: Build better budget habits

At this point in the year, you've likely abandoned all of your New Year's resolutions. But there's one you should stick with: rethinking the IT budget.

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Yes, the cloud computing category can grow (almost) forever

Market projections on cloud IT spending vary, but they’re all heading in the same direction.

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SaaS cloud subscriptions: When “on-demand” really isn’t

When considering a software vendor’s cloud offering, it's critical to think as much about how they structure the subscription agreement.

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Why CIOs should get control of visual display technology

Just as CIOs have strategies for managing such things as networks, servers, personal computers and mobile devices, they need detailed, published strategies for how to use visual display technology, encompassing everything from...

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6 expert budgeting tips for IT leaders

IT budgets must not only reflect short-term strategic plans but also drive innovation. Here’s how to ensure you’re delivering tactical IT and services that produce true digital transformation.

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CIOs reveal their most essential IT financial management principles

Global IT leaders from PayPal, Farmers Insurance, Qep Resources Inc., Matson, and Warburg Pincus share the most critical elements of a sound IT finance strategy.

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CIOs reveal how they measure vendor success

Global IT leaders unveil the unique criteria that they use to assess whether an existing vendor relationship is worthwhile.

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To achieve agile at scale, move technology out of IT

New York Life’s Dave Castellani offers his vision for a new distribution of IT resources.

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I need budget for my project – help!

When agile is new in an organization, or still not well established, finding the right way to get budget for your initiative can be quite tricky.

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Counting database costs: inflexible databases are unaffordable databases

Elastic database systems address multiple needs with cloud-native and container-native designs that allow them to scale-out and scale-in dynamically.

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CIOs reveal what vendors need to know about the purchasing process

Four IT leaders share what tech vendors need to know about the CIO role and the buying process.

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Why ASC 606 is the biggest leadership challenge for CIOs in 2018

IT budgets tied to corporate revenue must account for a fundamental change in revenue recognition. For CIOs to be true business leaders, they must guide their organizations through this change that affects budgets, forecasting, and...

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How application development and maintenance has become a loss leader

Agile, cloud, ready-to-buy platforms and other advances have eroded the status—and the margins—of application development.

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Is strategic planning the key to IT cost optimization?

How a Fortune 500 company saved millions using this win-win negotiation tactic.

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4 keys to aligning executives on digital strategy and priorities

Four key things CIOs should do this planning season to secure digital investments.

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