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The Big-D Jargon Hit list: Cutting out Disintermediation

Purging overused buzzwords opens our minds to the new realities of succeeding in business today

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No. 1 business priority reported by CIOs for 2018

Growth tops the list of business priorities reported by CIOs for 2018, according to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Report. The results mirror the analyst’s prior 2017 CEO Survey, in which 58 percent of respondents identified growth as...

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Profits and people: two sides of the same coin

As we kick off a new year, it’s a perfect time as business leaders to look back at how our organizations performed in all areas, not just financial.

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A crash course in understanding the relationship economy

The relationship economy is all about building trust by deeply understanding your customer and delivering exactly what they want, when they want it. These four must-read books can help you adapt to this landscape.

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4 ways to avoid leaks in project profit margin

With a deeper level of insight into every single project, your team can make informed decisions and adjustments on the fly that lead to predictable and profitable project delivery—the true foundation of business success and growth.

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5 ways for businesses to master the relationship economy

The Consumer Economy model has shifted and is now built around trust and enabled by digitization, putting the power back in the consumer’s hands. All industries must learn to adapt to a new model, the Relationship Economy, in order to...

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NetSuite co-founder Evan Goldberg talks strategy

One year after Oracle acquired the company he helped create, Evan Goldberg sits down to talk strategy.

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Arbitration mechanisms key to viable smart contract platforms

Smart contract platforms are now making it easy for companies to adopt the technology with minimal technical expertise.

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3 small mistakes IT vendors make during a sourcing event that are detrimental to their success

If IT vendors can help alleviate the frustrations voiced by buy-side companies, they may find themselves more successful during a sourcing event.

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A maturity model for vendor relationships: you can’t marry all of them

IT typically manages a portfolio of vendors. At any given time, each vendor relationship is in one of 5 stages of maturity. Here's how to think about balancing and adjusting the distribution of vendor relationships to best suit your...

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Artificial intelligence in sales: 10 companies to watch

Sales companies disrupting their industry with AI technology.

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Disruption by blockchain: real estate

How blockchain technology will disrupt the real estate industry.


Top tips for finding the right cybersecurity products

Having trouble finding the right security products for your business? You’re not the only one. We asked experienced buyers for their tips.

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The pitfalls of cybersecurity shopping: hype and shoddy products

Today's cybersecurity market is beset by vaporware, exaggerated marketing claims and shady sales tactics, security managers say.

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Apple joins 'Made in America' trend with $1 billion fund to promote U.S. manufacturing

Our President wants to bring jobs back to America, and Apple CEO Tim Cook is obliging with a $1 billion fund to promote advanced manufacturing in the United States.


Intel's new data center chief, a former PC exec, will be hands-on

A top executive responsible for shaping Intel's PC roadmap will now run the company's data center business.

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Verizon sells its cloud and managed hosting services to IBM

Verizon shut down its public cloud service in early 2016, and now it's unloading its virtual private cloud and managed hosting services to IBM.


Vulnerability hits Intel enterprise PCs going back 10 years

Intel is reporting a firmware vulnerability that could let attackers take over remote management functions on computers built over the past decade.

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