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8 ways job hunting has changed since last you looked

The recruiting and hiring process for in-demand IT roles has evolved considerably, thanks to emerging technical advances and new approaches to filling the talent gap.

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New CIO appointments, 2020

Find up-to-date news about executives who have been recently hired or promoted into a new chief information officer or chief technical officer role.

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Managing Remote Employees: Effective Communication

For many employees, remote work has been a significant transition, necessitating the need for good communication.

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Passion over profits: What nonprofit boards have to offer CIOs

Count on gaining useful experience and connections, but not the right skills to qualify for a corporate board seat.

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Gender gapped: The state of gender diversity in IT

The tech sector has made strides attracting more women and inching closer to equal pay. But a glaring disconnect remains in how men and women view gender diversity progress in IT.

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Manage the Hybrid Cloud

New and evolving hybrid cloud models demand the right kind of cloud competencies. One set of skills ensures efficient operation of your organization’s private, on-prem servers, while another will help you get the most out of...

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Certification and Career Development

There’s a reason recruiters and hiring managers probably look at the certification section of your resume first. Having updated IT knowledge and skill sets shows them that you’re not only competent with a particular technology, but...

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Tech Career Ladder podcast: Start your climb to EPIC leader

In Insider Pro’s inaugural Tech Career Ladder podcast, Sandy Silk -- director of Information Security, Education, and Consulting at Harvard University -- joins host Maryfran Johnson to discuss what it takes to become an EPIC leader....


Women in tech statistics: Hard truths of an uphill battle

Despite national conversations about gender diversity in tech, women are still underrepresented, underpaid and often discriminated against in the tech industry. Here's a look at the numbers.

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Security School: Enroll today and advance your tech career

Insider Pro and CertsNexus have created a virtual classroom where subscribers can learn and test their cybersecurity readiness.

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CIOs discuss their evolving role

The CIO role has changed into a digital role. How well are CIOs succeeding remains an important topic and was one that several CIOs discussed a few weeks ago when the coronavirus crisis was in its early stages. Their answers provide...

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Reskill for technology: Take a risk and invest in yourself

Technology changed in the way we work, impacting up to 54% of all employees who need to become digitally fluent almost overnight.

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How the new H-1B visa process works

March 20 was the deadline to apply for an H-1B visa for 2020-2021. This was the first year that USCIS rolled out a new application portal and process, which could result in more applicants to fill 85,000 visas through a lottery....

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The H-1B visa: Facts, requirements, processes

The H-1B visa allows U.S. employers to hire foreign professionals to work in the U.S. when qualified Americans cannot be found. Here are the requirements, processes and latest changes to this program.

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10 ways you’re getting workplace diversity wrong (and how to get it right)

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for a successful diversity and inclusion strategy, but best practices can help ensure you’re establishing a diverse workplace that can innovate and thrive.

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The danger of digital blackface

Just as most companies wouldn’t tolerate a white person taking the stage dressed in blackface, we need to ensure the same degree of no-tolerance in online spaces.

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CIOs say personal disruption comes before digital disruption

Why CIOs and their teams need to change themselves first, before digital disruption can work for the entire organization.

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How to keep hiring and onboarding new talent while working remotely

You can’t afford to slow down filling necessary positions when your offices are closed.

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