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smart appliances ces 2016

Smart appliances at CES: Fancy fridges and robot butlers

From refrigerators that order groceries to robots that clean house, CES 2016 was full of high-tech appliances that will make our lives a whole lot easier.

Forget Google Glass: Carl Zeiss's smart lens prototype proves smart glasses can be subtle

This could be the breakthrough that pushes smart glasses into the mainstream.

Cool Glass

Meet Alto Tech's 'Cool Glass,' a vastly cheaper alternative to Google Glass

The Chinese developer says that it will ship its augmented reality device to the United States beginning in April for a quarter of the price of Google Glass.

Radar Pace

Finally: Smart glasses that don't look dumb

When smart glasses look like regular glasses, they'll become just another option at the eye doctor.

windows 10 in dash

Microsoft shows how self-driving cars could be the next mobile office with dash-mounted Windows 10

Microsoft and German consulting company IAV transform your instrument gauge into a screen to check your email.

digital advertising

Entertainment titans talk the future of TV ads at CES

The worlds of marketing and entertainment are more complicated than they were a just decade ago and there’s no indication that things will get less challenging, but executives from leading TV networks who spoke at CES 2016 say the...

hololens start gesture

Lenovo open to making a HoloLens competitor

The idea of Lenovo bringing out a HoloLens-like competitor to market isn't far-fetched to the company's chief technology officer Peter Hortensius.

Computerworld slideshow - Cool Tech at CES 2016 [cover]

Cool tech at CES 2016

All the cool and interesting tech making a splash at CES 2016.

target checkout lines

Facebook and Target talk mobile and social marketing

The heads of marketing from Facebook and Target took the stage at CES 2016 to discuss how mobile and social media marketing technologies transform the way people shop.

OWC Envoy Pro Mini thumb drive

New thumb drives pack faster speeds, capacity with USB 3.1 support

It'll take less time to transfer files from a PC with faster USB 3.1 thumb drives announced at CES, which also have more storage capacity.

health tech

The latest, greatest, and most ridiculous health and fitness tech of CES

From a high-profile Apple Watch rival to a fat-detecting breathalyzer, we saw some pretty incredible devices at CES this year.

2017 chevy bolt 3qtr view

2017 Chevy Bolt drive: This 200-mile EV could cure my range anxiety

For everyone who can't afford a Tesla Model S, the Chevy Bolt offers nearly as much range for about $30,000, plus other future-y features that anyone could like.

origin pc omni 100636392 large

The wild, weird, and powerful PC hardware of CES 2016

We caught a glimpse of the PC's future at CES 2016, and it looks amazing.

Project Tango smartphone

Lenovo’s Project Tango smartphone coming this summer

Lenovo will begin selling a sub-$500 smartphone that runs Google's Project Tango 3D mapping technology starting this summer.

armatix inline smart gun

How Obama's edict will resurrect smart guns

President Obama's impassioned speech on gun control this week included a call for smart gun technology funding and asked federal agencies to consider its adoption. But opponents fear that smart gun uptake would lead to mandates.


Lenovo, Google partner on Project Tango smartphone

Lenovo is partnering with Google to develop a new smartphone that could change the way people see and understand the physical world around them.

sereneti cooki cooking robot ces2016 primary

Keurig meets Blue Apron in Cooki, the robot chef you won't believe is real

Maybe no one needs a robot chef, but the food Cooki makes isn't half bad.

Consumer products at CES aren’t the half of it

Organizers of CES boast that nearly 4,000 companies are exhibiting technology for 175,000 visitors. Of those 4,000 companies, about 1,000 work in the Internet of Things arena.

internet of things smart home

How long will consumers put up with the IoT's failures?

At CES, experts warn that interoperability, networking, and cybersecurity issues could threaten the potential of the Internet of Things.

r2 d2 moving refrigerator detained

R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator detained on CES show floor due to immigration dispute

Haier Asia has the rights to show off the RD-D2 Moving Refrigerator in Asia, but the precocious beer-serving droid currently remains under wraps at CES in Las Vegas.

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