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What is effective change management?

Change management is often where the rubber hits the road for CIOs and their teams. So, how well is it practiced in the real world?

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Making the shift to product-based IT

Many organizations are shifting from project-based IT to product-based delivery. Here’s how they overcome common obstacles and drive success in concert with business stakeholders.

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How to create a culture of innovation

Companies are increasingly looking to IT to develop new products and services. Here’s how to transform your IT organization into an innovation engine.

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12 IT change management practices

Digital organizations are the living things with the ability to continually change as the world changes and evolves with an intersecting and interacting business ecosystem seamlessly.

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10 tips for change management success

Change management is the discipline of leading individuals, teams and entire organizations through organizational change via a combination of behavioral and social sciences, information technology and business solutions. Here are 10...

An Agile Approach to Change Management

Enterprise Change Management (ECM) provides a framework that addresses a variety of factors responsible for large-scale IT initiative failures. Dr. Myles Bogner and David Elfanbaum discuss how organizations can leverage ECM practices...

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