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HR: The CIO’s new best friend

CIOs leading transformations need a strong HR partner— someone who will facilitate workforce planning to ensure IT has the talent needed today and in the future.

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Why CIOs should get control of visual display technology

Just as CIOs have strategies for managing such things as networks, servers, personal computers and mobile devices, they need detailed, published strategies for how to use visual display technology, encompassing everything from...

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It’s time to walk the walk

Achieving the goal of creating an inclusive work environment requires a high degree of corporate commitment.

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Why it’s dicey to de-prioritize digital innovation

How do you help the digital innovation flywheel gain momentum while trying to also keep the lights on? Develop a strong digital foundation and an optimal operating model.

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5 mindset traits to become a digital disruptor

These mindset traits can help you gauge your digital acuity against those of a successful disruptive digital leader.

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How artificial intelligence is changing the CIO's role

Disruptive technologies are making CIOs play a more prominent role than ever.

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How IBM's agile, design-first approach increases employee productivity

IBM CIO Fletcher Previn explains how agile development, Net Promoter Score, and organizational structure are key to delivering easy-to-use solutions that drive innovation and employee efficiency.

Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt questions

5 questions every CIO needs to ask about a CDP

Customer Data Platforms are becoming more ubiquitous within the enterprise, but conflicting definitions and general market confusion make it difficult to distinguish a true CDP from imposters. Here are five questions to help you cut...

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CIOs need to carefully define boundaries between product research and team support

The exploding opportunities that data technology and market disruptors are uncovering requires clearly defined areas of responsibility that reduce the potential for burnout in a critical executive role.

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Digital is turning CIOs into business executives

As digital becomes the heart of the enterprise, CIOs must shift their attention from IT delivery towards business leadership.

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How to turn ‘high potentials’ into enterprise leaders

Andy Newsom, CIO of CSL Behring, discusses how he makes talent management a part of the IT department's culture and turns high-potential employees into enterprise leaders.

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CIOs reveal their most essential IT financial management principles

Global IT leaders from PayPal, Farmers Insurance, Qep Resources Inc., Matson, and Warburg Pincus share the most critical elements of a sound IT finance strategy.

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Is your CIO about to leave? Does it matter?

Why CIOs are the most critical hire your business makes.

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The risk-taker CIO paradox

Leadership requires taking risks. But technology must work reliably. How do IT leaders square these two realities?

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Are tech conferences nothing but a big ol' boondoggle?

Do conferences, trade shows and education really produce stronger IT leaders?

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Is the influence of Gartner, IDC and Forrester waning?

The diminishing role of analyst firms in helping CIOs

2016 digital transformation

16 real-world digital transformation success stories

CIOs at Armstrong, Putnam Investments, Sprint and other enterprises are steering digital initiatives to drive business growth and drive operational efficiency. These digital transformation examples detail IT leaders’ strategies,...

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How IT can both deliver business value and 'keep the lights on'

IT teams spend too much time on “daily churn” rather than delivering real value to the organization. Read how Mike Guggemos, CIO at Insight Enterprises tackled the problem.

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