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How the power of communication serves IT

Communication is a key ingredient in IT efficiency, effectiveness and value to organizations it serves. The former CIO of HBO, Michael Gabriel, explains how use this to your professional and organizational advantage.

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5 ways successful C-suite executives can gain better control over their assets

How decisiveness, analysis and paralysis weigh in the balance between asset productivity and control.

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6 secrets of revenue-generating CIOs

Business-minded CIOs are overhauling their strategies and workplace cultures to transform IT into a profit center.

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10 digital transformation success stories

CIOs at Nissan, Coats, Sprint and other enterprises are steering digital initiatives to drive business growth and drive operational efficiency. These digital transformation examples detail IT leaders’ strategies, implementations and...

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The biggest issues CIOs face today

From security management to seeking out innovative technologies, CIOs are straddling operational and transformational roles to deliver new wins while keeping IT humming.

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What is Digital 2.0?

Digital 1.0 vs. Digital 2.0 -- Vijay Sankaran, CIO of TD Ameritrade, explains the differences and offers advice to CIOs looking to move their companies to an “anywhere, anytime, any platform” mindset.

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Why CIOs need to look beyond their firewall

It’s no longer enough for chief information officers to focus only on their own network and apps.

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CIOs still have a way to go in supporting a mobile-first workforce

CIOs have the single largest impact on how effective their organization is in recruiting and maintaining a mobile-first workforce. In 2018, it’s time for CIOs to step up to their new responsibilities.

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IT as a product: Rethinking IT service delivery

Digital transformation and a renewed emphasis on customer experience have CIOs seeking a more agile approach to delivering IT services.

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CIO warns of slideware and homogeneity

Tech decision makers must parse what’s real now and what is “marchitecture.”

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6 most-dreaded IT projects

Patching old systems, migrating email to the cloud, unsupported compliance mandates, and ERP upgrades are some of the jobs IT pros dread most.

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Pilot Flying J digitally transforms the truck stop

Pilot Flying J is tapping IoT, mobile software and other digital technologies to reduce the friction for long-haul truckers and other motorists.

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3 ways CIOs can change the CEO’s perception of IT from cost center to strategic

CIOs that want to drive transformation should champion customer impacting programs and empower IT lieutenants to pursue operational efficiencies.

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How CIOs can last longer than 4.3 years

Staying at a company longer than four years is something of a professional victory for CIOs. Here CIOs discuss the different paths to longevity — and success.

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Advice from CIOs for boards selecting a new CEO

In the digital era, it is time for boards to hear CIOs on CEO selection.

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CIOs need to bridge the gap between IT and marketing

CIOs and CMOs need to demolish boundaries and find ways to streamline collaboration in a way that improves their marketing team's access to proprietary corporate data.

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CIOs on the move and in the news

Find up-to-date news about executives who have been recently hired or promoted into a new chief information officer or chief technical officer role.

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The retail CIO’s storybook

From ugly ducklings to ants and grasshoppers: three 21st century fables for retailers.

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