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7 ways to ensure IT gets the credit it deserves

Often ignored, overlooked or even snubbed, IT needs to claim its rightful place in the enterprise spotlight. Here's the steps you can take to raise IT's profile and morale.

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6 secrets of customer-facing CIOs

The CIO role has dramatically shifted as organizations lean on IT to drive digital business initiatives.

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What is effective change management?

Change management is often where the rubber hits the road for CIOs and their teams. So, how well is it practiced in the real world?

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9 components that should be part of every digital CIO’s innovation agenda

CIOs need to be more well-rounded than simply wearing the mantle of "logical" or "creative." They should be good at both, but also dedicated to developing a comprehensive innovation agenda.

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The 'Five Ps' of business (and personal) transformation

On her journey to becoming CIO, Daphne Jones discovered it takes purpose, priority, preparation, performance, and perseverance for business, as well as personal, transformation to occur.

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5 ways leading CIOs are deploying AI in 2019

While many companies continue to explore AI business cases, seek executive support and mature their foundational IT and data capabilities, a growing number of enterprises – including Walmart, Western Digital, Bank of America, 7-Eleven...

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Winter 2019: State of the CIO

With digital transformation well under way, IT leaders are expanding their roles to take on business strategy responsibilities, identifying new areas of growth and opportunities for competitive differentiation, according to our 2019...

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Secrets of revenue-generating CIOs

More CIOs are adding revenue generation to their job description. IT leaders from MRE Consulting, Retail Business Services, Holman Enterprises and Agero shared their money-making stories.

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CIOs on the move and in the news

Find up-to-date news about executives who have been recently hired or promoted into a new chief information officer or chief technical officer role.

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Waning or waxing? What’s happening to CIO influence?

Those who want to see their influence grow rather than shrink need to look for opportunities and partners rather than losses and interlopers.

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Introducing the “lazy economy” business model and implications for CIOs

As you explore the art of the possible around the lazy economy, here are three implications and recommendations for senior IT leaders.

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Beating CIO overload: 3 questions that could change your life

To eliminate CIO overload, create a Big Picture strategy that allows you to develop a healthy, productive team capable of making smart, strategic decisions.

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How do CIOs think about IT transformation?

From fixing how integration is done to jettisoning existing tech debt to helping to drive real business innovation, IT transformation should always be done with the business in mind.

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Proactive CIOs will leverage these opportunities in 2019

From AI-enhanced security to increased real-time data collection courtesy of IoT trends, CIOs are in for a year of evolution and collaboration.

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The CIO’s role in driving agile transformation

CIO’s have a unique opportunity in evolving their agile processes to truly transform how business and technologists collaborate and drive results.

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CEC Power Hour: State of the CIO 2019

CIOs Lety Nettles from Novant Health and John Hill from Carhartt help unpack the results of's exclusive 2019 State of the CIO survey, and share insights from their own IT leadership challenges and goals.

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Digital transformation is more than a slogan

Digital transformation requires vision, leadership, process change, and technology. Equally important, though, is to change the company’s culture, says Arthur Hu, CIO of Lenovo.

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One CIO’s perspective on the people, process and technology formula for business success

According to IBM, business transformation initiatives often ignore the people aspect of change initiatives. Drew Saur, CIO of the Palmer Family of Companies has always focused on people first, process second and technology third. Saur...

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