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Advice from CIOs for boards selecting a new CEO

In the digital era, it is time for boards to hear CIOs on CEO selection.

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CIOs need to bridge the gap between IT and marketing

CIOs and CMOs need to demolish boundaries and find ways to streamline collaboration in a way that improves their marketing team's access to proprietary corporate data.

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CIOs on the move and in the news

Find up-to-date news about executives who have been recently hired or promoted into a new chief information officer or chief technical officer role.

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The retail CIO’s storybook

From ugly ducklings to ants and grasshoppers: three 21st century fables for retailers.

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Taking responsibility for responsible AI

AI’s future is wide open – which is why we need to shape its effects on people and society.

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The future of CRM

What is the state of CRM and where should CRM tool vendors be going? Here's what CIOs have to say.

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Do you have what it takes to be an interim CIO?

The interim CIO is the most prestigious temp job in IT. It’s not an easy role, but those who make it their profession appreciate its rewards.

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CIO playbook: 10 tips for leading IT in the digital era

From navigating politics to jettisoning ROI, CIOs from Bharti Airtel, Land O'Lakes and the United Nations shared tips for IT leadership in disruptive times during a panel at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.

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Psychologically, all C-suite executives must overcome these 3 traits

“Emotional intelligence” is a popular buzzword in today’s business climate. Indeed, it is commonly cited as an essential building block of strong corporate culture, and employers often give it just as much weight as “hard” skills...

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Avoid these digital transformation false starts

Expert CIO Bruce Lee discusses three traps that can trip up CIOs as they drive digital transformation initiatives.

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Even CIOs need a hard hat: Agile construction is a secret weapon for smarter IT

Agile construction methodologies are dramatically changing how IT infrastructure is being built. Those construction practices will, in turn, give CIOs more flexibility in how they do IT planning and save money on a fast-growing aspect...

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How a CIO decreased cost and leveraged the right technologies to increase revenue

Yan Purba, CIO of Larry H. Miller Management Corporation, reveals how CIOs can support the C-suite to increase margins, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

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How CIOs transform IT for the digital era

CIOs are disrupting their IT departments, introducing new operating models to stay ahead of digital changes driving their respective industries.

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How C-suite leadership can effectively conduct external stakeholder meetings

Preparation is key as external stakeholders – community groups, investors, government and reporters – hang on every word uttered by an executive team.

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To develop IT talent, you need an enterprise view

CIO Mike Zahigian explains how Amgen's Technology Talent Forum helped grow leaders from inside the company rather than acquiring them from the outside.

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2 key drivers of IT digital transformation leadership

IT’s path to digital transformation (DX) leadership is driven by IT’s organizational clout and ability to innovate. Does your IT group meet the criteria?

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How CIOs prove business value

CIOs to align better need to show the business value their team creates – without this their leadership is at increasing risk.

1 the state of it security 2018 intro

The state of IT security, 2018

Who's in charge of IT security? To whom do they report? How big is their budget? We've got answers.

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