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Your IT resolution for 2018: Build better budget habits

At this point in the year, you've likely abandoned all of your New Year's resolutions. But there's one you should stick with: rethinking the IT budget.

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160-year-old insurance giant transforms into a digital business

How Northwestern Mutual transformed its classic IT model of plan, build, run into an agile model focused on digital innovation.

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4 things successful CIOs know about digital transformation

IDC estimates spending on digital transformation will exceed $2 trillion in 2019; 40 percent of all technology spending will be for digital transformation technologies.

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Gender diversity doesn’t happen without advocacy

How mentoring programs are not enough to truly increase diversity in companies’ leadership teams. Greater gender and ethnic diversity happens when advocacy from people in positions of authority embrace that responsibility.

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How CIOs can tap into their investor network when looking for vendors

CIOs should turn to investors for insight into vendors as they can provide CIOs with an understanding of technologies offered by their portfolio companies, insights into the tech solutions their portfolio companies are using, an early...

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From CIO to CEO: 8 tips for taking your career to the top

CIOs turned CEOs discuss rise to the top and offer some pearls of wisdom for IT leaders considering similar career paths.

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Driving effective organizational diversity

Why does diversity matter to CIOs? And what role if any do have CIOs have in creating it?

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State of the CIO, 2018: IT-business alignment (finally) gets real

After years of casual courting, IT and business are finally forging effective ways of working together to pursue shared objectives for digital transformation.


Why your IT team should be obsessed with your customers

When IT knows what customers want, it can anticipate their needs. Plus, it gives the team the credibility and respect to contribute in the business at a much more strategic level.

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How CIOs partner with CMOs to transform customer experience

The CIOs from Adobe, Vail Resorts, Inc., and IPG Mediabrands reveal their hard-won lessons from the intersection point of marketing and technology.

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The strategic CIO’s guide to building customer intimacy

Digitally interacting with a customer through a live, Internet-connected application allows a deeper understanding of that customer as an individual because the flow of data is ongoing and bidirectional.

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You‘re not paranoid if everyone is against you

When it comes to security, it's not a question of whether you're going to be attacked. You are. So, what's a CIO to do?

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How to get a seat on the board: 10 tips for CIOs

CIOs serving on a range of non-profit and public boards offer some tips for IT leaders looking to navigate the process of seeking board seats.

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Conagra CIO: In IT, our job is to remove the friction

Mindy Simon, CIO of Conagra Brands, focuses on being digital with her business partners, not doing digital to them.

change management

Insurance firm banks on change management in digital overhaul

Axis Capital CIO Darryl Catts prefaced an insurance platform revamp with a change management program, making IT and its business peers co-owners of the initiative.

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How CIOs can create a culture of workforce equality

Here are some immediate steps CIOs can take to create a culture of equality that benefits the entire organization.

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What to look for when choosing an email service provider for your small- or medium-sized business

As a CIO, it is important to weigh in the technological and operational perspectives before you choose the right provider for your organization.

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3 ways successful CIOs benefit from weather data, forecasts and alerts

How CIOs view the threat of weather and use that data.

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Portfolio velocity: the new measure of business value realized

Welcome to the last time you report on the number of projects your team delivered.

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The importance of integrating legacy enterprises

In the digital age, the ability to integrate data, applications and process becomes critical – and the ability to integrate at will becomes a competitive advantage.

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