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managing business process cycle rotate phases

A process model for measuring relationships with COBIT

Expanding your relationships requires first measuring them to determine how effectively you’re building credibility.

10 global policy

The ABCs of a singular global IT architecture

How the CIO of Brightstar embedded IT into the customer experience, integrated service lines, and made IT central to the business rather than just an order taker.

04 value

How BRMs can tap into the value of business architecture

Wondering how to drive value realization through an enterprise? The blueprint of the enterprise holds many answers.

AR/augmented reality - VR/virtual reality - enterprise mobile - virtual display

Advances in augmented reality will require closer bond between CIOs and CMOs

It's important that CIOs get up to speed on AR.

glass building with clouds above

Achieving business transparency

How can CIOs achieve business transparency? What is required for them to succeed here?

cloud architecture skyscrapers

Architecting innovation-driven BRM success

Success isn’t random – it’s architected into the process. There’s a reason business-capability models resonate with executives. They transform businesses, box-by-box.

vendor divests 1

CIOs reveal how they measure vendor success

Global IT leaders unveil the unique criteria that they use to assess whether an existing vendor relationship is worthwhile.

priorities folder urgent

No. 1 business priority reported by CIOs for 2018

Growth tops the list of business priorities reported by CIOs for 2018, according to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Report. The results mirror the analyst’s prior 2017 CEO Survey, in which 58 percent of respondents identified growth as...

maze / goal

Goals for CIOs in 2018

CIOs share their goals for the coming year.

9 expand knowledge training

How should business leaders utilize new approaches to training?

Training is currently undergoing disruption, moving from the classroom to the cloud. This process involves more than moving existing material to a new format. It requires a rethink of the whole process.

digital transformation binary change agile growth

To achieve agile at scale, move technology out of IT

New York Life’s Dave Castellani offers his vision for a new distribution of IT resources.

businesswoman meeting conference authority leadership

BRMs: the CIO’s new change agent

The role of the business relationship manager can be summarized in one word: change. Begin by defining the BRM role.

innovation imperative

6 secrets of highly innovative CIOs

Forward-looking CIOs are not only modernizing legacy systems, they’re redefining how IT works. Here’s a look at how to shift from an IT order-taker to a next-gen technology leader.

boardroom meeting

Should the board press pause on public cloud after Intel’s Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities?

5 thoughts to help separate the signal from the noise before you upend your strategy.

headache man

The 12 biggest issues IT faces today

From securing IoT to retraining IT talent to finding new revenue streams, CIOs have more than their share of concerns keeping them up at night.

11 support boardroom

Moving from CIO to corporate board requires a change in thinking

Frank Modruson, former CIO of Accenture, offers his perspective on corporate board work.

drexel leadership primary

5 steps to becoming a global IT leader

International management success requires skill, respect and patience. Here’s your game plan for making the most of a global management opportunity.

stressed businessman businesswoman worried depressed overworked down thinking

Harassment at work is everyone’s problem and nobody’s responsibility

While most people understand that sexual harassment is a problem at work, they don’t trust their employers to fix it.

Group of executives marching down hallway with briefcase

Why more CIOs should grow into CEOs

Bold advice from an ex-CIO who’s lived it.

build freelance tech worker team teambuilding

Innovative CIOs deploy hybrid teams to leverage internal talent with external cost-savings

If you launch your next project without doing a cost-benefit analysis on deploying a hybrid team, you might be leaving money on the table – both in terms of straight cost savings, and lost time.

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