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What does it mean to be a transformational IT leader today?

As CIO, if you think your job is systems, think again. Transformational IT leaders must change their mindset and do four essential things.

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Should CIOs be more open to playing in someone else’s digital sandbox?

CIOs are leveraging hybrid teams to develop technology. The tight grip on data is loosening to accommodate innovation-heavy markets.

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Driving digital strategy at Agero

Bernie Gracy, chief digital officer at Agero, reveals his team’s journey from digitization to digital transformation.

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5 critical roles for CIOs in defining digital strategy and executing digital transformation programs

The transformational CIO collaborates on digital strategies, leads organization change, drives agile practices and experiments with platform and emerging technologies.

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CIOs engage in a cat-and-mouse struggle to secure company communications

Every company has a vested interest in protecting sensitive data. CIOs can reduce the risk of phishing attacks and other exploits by deploying cloud-based communication monitoring software that leverages both internal and external...

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Wanted: CIOs to master digital strategy at the vanguard of change

A new breed of CIO has emerged as those who master digital strategy and are recognized for it by their business peers. Deloitte discusses key attributes of these “digital vanguards.”


Facing competing objectives, CIOs share prioritization strategies

Global IT leaders share the most effective ways to balance long-standing and innovative efforts.

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Beware of forked implementations of open-source software

In cloud computing, some open-source software is morphing into the proprietary realm.

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How Autodesk is creating the digital workplace

Prakash Kota, CIO of Autodesk, discusses his approach to using digital technology to improve employee productivity.

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CEO and CIO cyber disconnect: Fixing the communications breakdown

In this new business environment, to help their organizations bolster their cyber security protections and also boost their careers, CIOs must find ways to communicate more effectively and consistently with their CEOs and the board.

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Monetizing data at scale

Data monetization is the next competitive hurdle, but for most CIOs, it’s uncharted territory.

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Your first 100 days as CIO came and went. Now what?

Sure, the first days in your role as CIO are critical. Advice abounds in books, blog posts and presentations for how to approach your initial 90- or 100-day period. These recommendations are compelling and directionally sound. In...

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How National Life manages organic growth from the inside out

National Life Group's CIO, Tom Anfuso, reveals how the organization -- one of the fastest-growing American life insurance companies -- is transforming in a traditionally staid industry.

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Life after CIO: Making the move to the vendor side

Dan Galdenzi, chief growth officer at NASCO, discusses how he went from CIO at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont to a sales and product leadership position.

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How IT can still influence LOB tech spend in the digital era

The art of no: CIOs no longer control all their company’s technology spend. Here’s how to stop your business colleagues from making poor choices — without damaging IT-business relations.

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Summer 2018: Changing the way we work

Digital technologies are reshaping work at CIO 100 award-winning organizations, empowering employees to shift focus to higher-value activities.

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Where startups are impacting long-term change for CIOs

Startups are showing up in big ways when it comes to ePrivacy, microservices, and fighting for talent. These are long-term shifts CIOs should keep in mind when it comes to figuring out what to devote attention and resources to.

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A CIO’s dashboard must show bench strength. Does yours?

When you have visibility into technical talent "on the bench," you can know with confidence that your team has what it takes to deliver quality work on time.

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How to build the next generation of IT leaders

Forward-thinking CIOs are setting up their organizations for sustained success by anticipating, articulating and developing the skills IT will need at the top in the years ahead.

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How IT is helping to create a culture of consumerism in healthcare

CIO Jonathan Shoemaker explains how Allina Health is turning patients into customers using technology and tools regularly used by retailers.

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