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7 secrets to a successful multi-cloud strategy

Deploying a multi-cloud strategy can lead to substantial benefits, while avoiding vendor lock-in. Here’s how to do it right.

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How public cloud powers digital transformation: 8 real-world examples

The public cloud has become a strategic tool for digital transformation. IT leaders lend advice on migrating to public cloud services to drive innovation, agility and revenue growth.

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Reverse hybrid cloud: how the cloud is moving on-premises

Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services are moving into private data centers.

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Bolster your cloud understanding with this AWS certification training

This training bundle features 22 hours of content which will teach you how to use AWS starting from the fundamentals.

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More artificial intelligence options coming to Google Cloud

At Next 2018, Google announced it is making Nvidia's Tesla P4 GPU available as a cloud service, enabling more businesses to get started with AI projects quickly.

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Can Google demonstrate it’s ready to be serious about the enterprise?

When it comes to cloud services, Google is the ultimate tease — every year it seems it is ready to break out, and every year things continue to stay the same. One challenge the company has in getting more businesses to consider...

Simon Iddon, The Restaurant Group PLC

Don’t manage IT in silos

Sponsored by HPE -- Partnerships are critical as technology extends to all parts of your business, says Simon Iddon, Group CIO with The Restaurant Group. Learn more at

Simon Iddon, The Restaurant Group PLC

Security and IT must go hand in hand

Sponsored by HPE -- Simon Iddon, Group CIO with The Restaurant Group, explains why security must be built into every IT project. Learn more at

Floriana Molone, London School of Economics

Re-skilling IT for digital transformation

Sponsored by HPE -- Floriana Molone, the London School of Economics’ Head of IT Customer Services, explains how the shift to Hybrid IT requires a transformation of the IT department. Learn more at

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Why hybrid integration platforms are key to multi-cloud management

Learn how enterprises are integrating their systems and data across the multi-cloud.

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Real-time insights drive better customer experiences

Sponsored by HPE -- Analytics and machine learning are a powerful combination for delivering real-time insights that help companies better serve customers, says Alan Crawford, CIO of City and Guilds Group. Learn more at...

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Automation’s critical role in IT

Sponsored by HPE -- Jason Oliver, Director of ICT with the Science Museum Group, explains how automation will help IT meet rising expectations. Learn more at

Alan Crawford, City and Guilds Group

CIO mandate: Talk to customers

Sponsored by HPE -- By understanding customer needs, CIOs can aid business development, says Alan Crawford, CIO of City and Guilds Group. Learn more at

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6 ERP trends for 2018

Organizations are ditching side books and upping compliance audits while exploring the impact AI, blockchain and augmented reality will have on their enterprise resource planning systems.

Jason Oliver, Science Museum Group

CIOs need to have business priorities, not IT priorities

Sponsored by HPE -- IT shouldn’t be doing anything that is not aligned with strategic objectives, says Jason Oliver, Director of ICT with the Science Museum Group. Learn more at

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The most valuable cloud computing certifications today

Looking for an edge in today’s IT job marketplace? Benchmark your cloud computing knowledge and skills with one or more of these highly regarded cloud computing certifications.

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Shadow IT reconsidered: The case for losing control

Line of business users are provisioning technology by doing an end run around IT. But this loss of complete control of the IT estate has its benefits — for the CIO and the company as a whole.


The Journey from Functional CIO to Business Strategist

Sponsored by HPE -- CIOs who anticipate business needs will become a strategic partner, not just a provider of IT services, says Floriana Molone, Head of IT Customer Services with the London School of Economics. Learn more at...

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