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16 technology winners and losers, post-COVID

The coronavirus crisis has shaken up business as usual, with some IT strategies and tools rising to the occasion and others in line for a rethink or tough recovery post-pandemic.

Lisa Davis, CIO, Blue Shield of California

Inside Blue Shield of California's IT operating model overhaul

For CIO Lisa Davis, the transformation to a product-focused operating model is key to realizing the health plan provider's digital health vision.

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At HMShost, a shift to the cloud brings yields business benefits

HMShost Corporation’s EVP and CIO Sarah Naqvi is transforming their technology foundation with a fundamental shift to the cloud that yields a spectrum of business benefits. Operating retail stores for 300 brands in 120 airports around...

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At PPG, cloud fundamentally changes the customer value proposition

PPG’s Global Director of Information Technology Jeff Lipniskis leads a team that continues to build a cloud-powered CIO 100 award-winning project delivering added customer value in the industrial coatings business. Combining cloud and...

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Inside Carhartt’s journey to digitize everything

Carhartt’s CIO and SVP of Business Planning John Hill is leading his organization’s five-year journey to digitize everything across the company’s business landscape -- with a goal to remove any friction in the way of delighting...

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Editors' panel: How to leverage multicloud while minimizing risk

IDG Enterprise Editor in Chief Eric Knorr and InfoWorld senior writer Serdar Yegulalp reflect on what’s driving the multicloud trend, what the sticking points are, and how businesses can leverage multiple service ecosystems while...

5 telehealth tools

What will ensure the continued ascent of telehealth technology?

Telehealth is at a crossroads. Here are three things health systems must consider before investing further in telehealth technology.

Discover five emerging tech trends with transformational impact

7 enterprise cloud strategy trends for 2021

Maximizing the value of hybrid cloud, while managing sprawl and cloud costs, is top of mind for CIOs seeking to boost business outcomes this year.

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Powering CarMax with clouds

CarMax SVP and Chief Information and Technology Officer Shamim Mohammad is leveraging innovation and technology to embed integrity, honest and transparency in the used car buying experience. As the nation’s largest used car retailer,...

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Cloud innovation: Everywhere, for everything, even faster

Rick Villars is Group Vice President, Worldwide Research, at IDC, and he predicts the core of any enterprise's success in the fast-growing digital economy will be making the most of clouds in all their diversity. Join us for this...

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Why Andy Jassy was picked to fill Jeff Bezos’s big shoes at Amazon

The man who built Amazon Web Services into a $40 billion business is taking the big seat at the e-commerce company.

Karthik Venkatesh, CIO, Walden University

How technology creates an ecosystem of learning at Walden University

Walden CIO Karthik Venkatesh discusses how the university is leveraging SaaS, RPA, AI, and more to maximize student success.

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AWS chief Andy Jassy gets top job at Amazon as CEO Bezos steps down

The surprise announcement that Jeff Bezos will leave later this year and hand over the reins to AWS leader Andy Jassy marks a remarkable rise for Jassy. He began as a marketing manager in 1997 and started AWS in 2003.

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The evolution of cloud security: Where it's headed and tips to plan

Liberty Mutual’s Cybersecurity and Cloud Specialist Don Richard, IDC’s Program VP for Cybersecurity Products Frank Dickson, and IDG’s Editor-in-Chief of Enterprise Eric Knorr are all experts on cloud security. They discuss the nexus...

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Sentara Healthcare leads in the cloud

Sentara Healthcare’s CTO Jeff Thomas is no stranger to clouds. He was hired to lead Sentara to an industry-leading cloud implementation that combines a high-performing organization with innovation in healthcare technology. As a...

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Driving agility with clouds: A checklist for achieving multicloud success

Many enterprises target multicloud architectures to enable agility, cost optimization, M&A, or to comply with data sovereignty regulations. At the same time, these goals and strategies can help IT and security leaders establish a...

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IDG's Think Tank on multicloud: Key findings from top CIOs

In recent months, IDG invited 30 senior IT leaders to participate in our CIO Think Tank program to discuss their multicloud architecture goals along with the top challenges they face in making multicloud a reality. These conversations...

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15 SLA mistakes IT leaders still make

From treating service-level agreements as a one-time exercise to failing to establish escape clauses, IT leaders should avoid these pitfalls when partnering with IT service and cloud partners to drive business value.

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