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Collaboration software is on the move in 2019

The year started off with a bang for several companies that make collaboration software. Here's what's been going on with Microsoft Teams, G Suite and others since the start of 2019.

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Proactive CIOs will leverage these opportunities in 2019

From AI-enhanced security to increased real-time data collection courtesy of IoT trends, CIOs are in for a year of evolution and collaboration.

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Unique collaboration turned a governor’s vision of a cyber center into reality

Interviewing the State of George's CIO Calvin Rhodes, who helped lead a collaboration of government, academia, the military and the private sector to create a new cyber ecosystem.

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The CIO as storyteller

Tech leaders from California State University, QEP Resources, and Arup share how they handle the challenge of communicating across the enterprise.

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Enterprise connectivity requires community building conversational environments

Investments in workplace conversational environments have to be about people, connectivity and fostering a culture of collaboration.


Mingis on Tech: All about the world of collaboration software

Given the changes in how work gets done these days – in remote offices, by workers on the go, at global companies with employees scattered around the world – collaboration is more important than ever. Here's a look at where things...

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Collaborative behavior as a path to open office success

The open office concept is widely adopted, but under increased scrutiny. This piece explores why an improved collaboration strategy is needed to foster a productive and positive work environment.

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A simple, 5-step process that leads to collaborative success

Employees need the right spaces and the right tools to be effective.

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16 time-saving tips for IT leaders

Want to maximize the time your organization spends on transformational initiatives? Here’s how to eliminate time-wasting practices and streamline how work gets done.

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The consumerization of the workplace is changing collaboration

The consumerization of the workplace is here to stay, and it is transforming the way your teams work together.

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Why CIOs must get over their ‘millennial obsession’

Millennials comprise more than half the global workforce, but in this hyperconnected, mobile world, CIOs are better off managing staff by role-based personas than age ranges, experts say.

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Enterprise collaboration: big business without Big Brother

Designing a productive collaboration strategy amidst privacy and governance concerns.

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Solving the communications signal-to-noise ratio

While enterprises cope with an overload of communications and collaboration applications, planners are being challenged to centralize on strategic platforms to meet the needs of a diverse workforce and improve productivity.

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Doing it digitally—How tech-charged customer collaboration delivers market innovation

The digital business delivers more innovative, connected products to market by leveraging collaboration technology that breaks down silos separating product lines, teams and regions, and connects both internal and external customers. ...

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How to lead a virtual team: 5 keys for success

You've got the tools, you've navigated the logistical hurdles, but you still may not be leading your remote team in the most effective way possible. Here's how to get virtual teams right.

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Do you really need an intranet portal for workplace collaboration?

It seems like workplace collaboration has truly matured over the past decade. Intranet portals, which is still prevalent among enterprise organizations, don't seem relevant anymore. But is that truly the case?

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Should you let IT teams choose their own collaboration tools?

CIOs should give IT departments the freedom to choose the collaboration tools that work best for them — without losing sight of security and compliance.

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Workplace announcements at F8 2018 show Facebook is serious about the enterprise

Workplace announcements at the F8 conference around integrations show business decision-makers that Facebook is serious about enterprise collaboration.

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