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CIOs need to carefully define boundaries between product research and team support

The exploding opportunities that data technology and market disruptors are uncovering requires clearly defined areas of responsibility that reduce the potential for burnout in a critical executive role.

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Manage your unconscious bias

There are hundreds of types of unconscious bias, and each plays a role in decision-making, team creation, collaboration and innovation.

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Where is your company on the path to optimizing a collaborative digital workplace?

Once you identify where exactly you are, you’ll be better able to see your way forward.

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Big picture collaboration – the key to adaptability

In an era of unprecedented change, there is broad agreement that problem-solving, critical thinking and adaptability skills are more important to the IT industry than they have ever been. So why is it, if the great majority of job...

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Moving from CIO to corporate board requires a change in thinking

Frank Modruson, former CIO of Accenture, offers his perspective on corporate board work.

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CIO 2020: Greater collaboration, and an end to control-based security

Given the meteoric rise in the number of security breaches in recent years, CIOs and CISOs need to be highly aligned and collaborative around every corporate initiative.

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How to maintain progress toward becoming a collaborative digital workplace

A digital workplace is a new paradigm for collaboration and teamwork – but getting there won’t happen overnight.

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What is DataOps? Collaborative, cross-functional analytics

DataOps (data operations) is an emerging discipline that brings together DevOps teams with data engineer and data scientist roles to provide the tools, processes and organizational structures to support the data-focused enterprise.

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Architecture firm transforms client experience with secure cloud collaboration

Perkins+Will CIO Murali Selvaraj has tapped cloud collaboration and identity management services to help architects and clients better share information on high-stakes projects.

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Improve workplace productivity by focusing on AI-enabled conversational experiences

Business leaders need to start looking at how to use AI, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and chatbots, to enhance conversational engagement and rich interactions.

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5 use cases for AI in the workplace

Cisco demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be used to improve company meetings.

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CIOs pay attention: VR and AR are about to disrupt your industry

Nvidia’s Holodeck shows how virtual and augmented reality can improve collaboration and speed up business decisions. Companies must get on board or be left behind.

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4 technologies that are enabling workplace transformation

A combination of flexible policies and smart, cutting-edge technology will help you engage your entire workforce – and not just Millennials.

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The missing link in IT collaboration

IT managers must drive digital transformation with seamless, secure and easy ways to share content. It all starts in the meeting room.

Group of workers collaborating at table with mobile devices

Millennials, mobile and the new face of enterprise collaboration

There are a slew of enterprise collaboration tools on mobile platforms under development or launched by start-ups over the last few years.

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Encouraging and enabling collaboration in modern workplace

When it comes to employee communication and collaboration, IT leaders need to ask themselves, “Are we the gatekeeper to employees collaborating or are we enablers and champions?”

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The keys to a successful remote work strategy

Getting remote work right is tough. But with a mission-driven approach and effective technology, a productive remote work strategy can really pay off.

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Harnessing the power of Slack bots and apps in the workplace

All the team chat apps today allow using bots. Slack leads this area with its “apps” that even have the ability to post custom-formatted content directly to the chat. These bots and apps can either be downloaded from the Slack app...

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Getting to the collaborative mindset

While technology does get the most attention as the most critical for collaboration in an organization, it is actually the least critical factor for success. What is most critical is getting to a 'collaborative mindset.'

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GE is NOT acting its age — and that's a good thing

How GE, a 125-year-old company, is making progress — by acting like a startup.

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