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mobile collaboration strategy

The missing link in IT collaboration

IT managers must drive digital transformation with seamless, secure and easy ways to share content. It all starts in the meeting room.

Group of workers collaborating at table with mobile devices

Millennials, mobile and the new face of enterprise collaboration

There are a slew of enterprise collaboration tools on mobile platforms under development or launched by start-ups over the last few years.

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Encouraging and enabling collaboration in modern workplace

When it comes to employee communication and collaboration, IT leaders need to ask themselves, “Are we the gatekeeper to employees collaborating or are we enablers and champions?”

managing remote workers remotely

The keys to a successful remote work strategy

Getting remote work right is tough. But with a mission-driven approach and effective technology, a productive remote work strategy can really pay off.

slack adoption primary

Harnessing the power of Slack bots and apps in the workplace

All the team chat apps today allow using bots. Slack leads this area with its “apps” that even have the ability to post custom-formatted content directly to the chat. These bots and apps can either be downloaded from the Slack app...

6 collaboration

Getting to the collaborative mindset

While technology does get the most attention as the most critical for collaboration in an organization, it is actually the least critical factor for success. What is most critical is getting to a 'collaborative mindset.'

hands work as a team managing business and technology gears and symbols to create innovation

GE is NOT acting its age — and that's a good thing

How GE, a 125-year-old company, is making progress — by acting like a startup.

global connection communications

Conversational workspaces are the new face of enterprise collaboration

We are shifting towards conversational environments, with newer interfaces, in what is emerging to be new conversational workspace platforms, that are being launched by a plethora of providers from startups to established...

Atlassian summit 2017

Atlassian means business

The company repositions itself as a communications and collaboration platform for the enterprise — and, in so doing, offers up some valuable lessons for IT and business leaders coping with the impact and fallout of digital...

5 disguntled bored unhappy man

How to make meetings suck less (time and productivity)

Inefficient, unfocused, directionless — meetings waste valuable time and resources every day. Here’s how to shift your company away from ineffective meetings and toward productive collaboration.

apple campus 2 100587099 orig

Apple's new mega campus is a big mistake

The late Steve Jobs believed strongly in collaboration, and his last act as Apple's CEO was to start the planning and construction of a huge spaceship looking campus. I believe the mega campus does not live up to its promise.

innovation idea

Where does innovation belong in the IT department?

To be an innovator, IT needs to be engaged with the business, recommend solutions that help achieve business goals, and take the lead to ensure successful implementations and operations.

emotional intelligence tech managers lightbulb idea

Acquiring new technology: The data intelligence dance

You need to bring together teams from different departments and business lines to develop a more cohesive implementation approach and achieve group consensus. This process is what I refer to as “Data Intelligence” in my book, The Four...

businessman climbing stairs / growth / achievement / new territory

Why rate of change should be the most important metric in your company

Rate of change is your company's capacity to generate new ideas, and act on them. Most disruptive companies that challenged the status quo, and became industry leaders were not interested in looking for mere strategic advantages, or...

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How to pick collaboration tools

This problem has plagued the enterprise for the last decade. With more than 2,000 collaboration solutions in the market today, most everyone is overwhelmed with choices. But one size does not fit all, and picking the RIGHT...

1 intro

How to network: 17 tips for shy people

Shy? Networking probably feels like a brutal trial by fire. These 17 strategies will help you do it well -- and keep your sanity.

1 intro

How to network: 17 tips for shy people

Shy? Networking probably feels like a brutal trial by fire. These 17 strategies will help you do it well -- and keep your sanity.

puzzle solve problem

How IT became business problem solvers at Level 3 Communications

IT doesn’t wait for business requirements at Level 3 Communications — it co-creates them, says CIO Atilla Tinic. Learn how he is changing the culture in his IT organization.

thinkstock guy checking iphone email

How to maximize email productivity and retain corporate knowledge

Gaining a deeper knowledge of the products you already own and maximizing your personal and organizational productivity.

7 speaking language

Conversational intelligence

Recognizing and responding consciously to gender-differentiated communications patterns can improve your conversational intelligence. By acting intentionally, using body language purposely and making conversations fact-based we begin...

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