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Comcast, Netflix Reach Interconnection Deal

The agreement comes after Netflix publicly released data showing a decrease in streaming speeds to broadband customers

Republicans Protest FCC's Net Neutrality Move, ISPs Less Concerned

AT&T and Comcast seem to support Wheeler's move to re-establish net neutrality rules

Gigabit Internet Service Providers Challenge Traditional ISPs

Companies such as Comcast and Time Warner don't think the United States is ready for -- or even needs -- gigabit Internet, but Google Fiber and a host of independent initiatives suggest that they are faster and cheaper.

How the Comcast, Time Warner Merger Will Endanger the Internet

Combining the two largest U.S. cable companies will give Comcast too much power over what you watch on TV and download on the Web, according to blogger Bill Snyder, and consumers should do everything they can to stop the...

Comcast's Time Warner Cable Purchase is a Merger of Monopolies

Once the news that Comcast plans to buy Time Warner Cable broke, the freakouts began. It's yet another story of anti-consumer corporate consolidation that decreases competition, right?

Comcast-Time Warner deal may impact broadband customers

The buyout might improve service for some but give a larger Comcast more control

Comcast Buying Time Warner Cable in $45.2 Billion All-stock Deal

The merger will allow customers of each company to profit from the other's innovations, they said

Consumer Groups Want Government to Reject Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal

The proposed acquisition raises concerns about the combined company's market power, opponents say

Comcast Said to Buy Time Warner Cable in Over $45B Deal

The acquisition will combine the two largest cable operators in the U.S.

Tech, Telecom Vendors Spend Millions on Lobbying in DC

Comcast, Google, AT&T and Verizon are among the top spenders on lobbying the US government

PCs Left Unprotected as Zonealarm, Comcast's Norton Struggle with Windows 8.1

At least two security software suites are struggling with Windows 8.1, leaving users potentially unprotected as they upgrade to the new version of Microsoft's operating system.

Comcast to IPv6-Enable Commercial Broadband Service

Comcast plans to expand its IPv6-based offerings for business customers with the launch of commercial broadband and Metro Ethernet services that support the next-gen Internet Protocol later this year.

Empire Strikes Back: Comcast Moves to Cap Data, Limit Choice

All you can eat wireless is dead, and now it's disappearing for wired broadband. Even worse is that the cable giants want to crush Netflix and other competitors.

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