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gigabit internet

Why Huntsville will be one of the most connected cities in the U.S.

When a city builds its own fiber network, prices for broadband connectivity plummet and choices for consumers multiply.


Who are your customers?

You think you know, but it can be trickier to determine than we tend to think. Here’s some guidance.

Thumbs up thumbs down

Thumbs up for T-Mobile; thumbs down for Verizon and AT&T

Recent consumer surveys give T-Mobile high marks for service, but find that customers are increasingly unhappy with larger rivals AT&T and Verizon.

comcast wireless

Worst idea ever: Buying wireless service from Comcast

Comcast makes its cable and broadband customers miserable, so why does it think it can score by selling wireless phone service?

01 evernote productivity tips slide4

10 Evernote tips to organize your info in 2017

Whether you're an Evernote newbie or a proud power user, these 10 tips can elevate your digital note-taking to a new level of productivity.

apple airpods review adam case open

Avoid lost AirPods with these $10 gadgets

Apple's cool new AirPods are small and somewhat easy to misplace, but these three affordable products can help ensure you never lose them.

enterprise tech gadgets ts

5 simple steps to boost your digital hygiene in 2017

January is a good time to stop making excuses and get your digital life in order. Here are five inexpensive, money-saving, aggravation-reducing ways to maintain tech, and protect yourself and the environment in the New Year.

tb12 under armour sleepwear

Tom Brady's pricey PJs pack 'recovery tech' for athletes

Under Armour's new TB12 pajamas aren't cheap, but they promise to rejuvenate your body after workouts. And they just might work, according to a study from the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

new balance runiq watch

New Balance RunIQ is Android rival to Apple Watch Nike+

New Balance this week announced at CES a run-focused smartwatch that's designed to go head-to-head with Apple's Nike+ fitness watch. The two high-end devices have a number of similarities — and some key differences.

driving distracted

Should Apple hobble FaceTime to battle distracted driving?

In 2014, a driver using Apple's FaceTime video app allegedly killed a five-year-old child. The grieving family says Apple knew the danger, and even patented a tech to reduce risk, but still did nothing.

depression women over work insider hacked sad

Got the holiday blues? Take a break from Facebook

A recent study of more than 1,000 users found that spending less time on Facebook can dramatically brighten your mood.

android iphone apps

How to easily transfer iPhone data to Android

For iOS users who want to escape Apple's walled garden, the path to Android is now smoother thanks to a new Google Drive feature, as well as some other trusty tools.

Video streaming

Everything you need to know to cut the cord and ditch cable

Thinking of cutting the cord and saying sayonara to cable for good? We've got you covered with this easy-to-digest rundown of all the hardware you'll need and the services that deliver the most value.

fitbit charge 2 breakfast 0108 cmyk

Fitbit's best activity tracker just got even better

Fitbit's Charge 2 is the best all-around fitness wearable money can buy, and a substantial firmware update recently made the impressive tracker even more formidable.

apple watch macbook pro

Every Apple user should download the new Support app

If you're planning to give (or receive) a new Apple product during the holidays, the company's excellent new Apple Support app could come in handy.

huawei fit 1

6 good reasons not to buy Huawei's Fit wearable

The latest Huawei fitness tracker, Fit, has an always-on watch face, up to six days of battery life, and you can swim with it. But those are the only good things the device has going for it.

apple watch nike

3 worthy wearables that could replace your Fitbit

If you want to kick off 2017 with a new wearable fitness tracker or smartwatch but aren't sure if Fitbit is right for you, check out these three alternatives from Apple, Garmin and TomTom.

finland flag

Finland is a tiny wireless nirvana the U.S. could learn from

It's clear that lively competition in Europe yields better wireless service options for consumers. Unfortunately, even more wireless consolidation may come to the United States under President-elect Trump.

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