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conceptual artificial intelligence

Breaking down artificial intelligence to form a starting point for adoption

To leverage, communicate and sell the power of artificial intelligence, we first must capture its essence.

roses flowers bouquets market

Success secrets for conversational commerce

1-800-Flowers was an early pioneer in the world of conversational commerce. Now that their Facebook Messenger and Alexa platforms have been live for a full year, they shared some key "lessons learned" from their conversational...

collage of financial banking charts and graphs monitoring

3 steps to create a digital banking relationship center

The digital banking relationship center is at the heart of today’s digital bank. CIOs can help improve the digital banking customer experience by taking three steps.

Shine a spotlight on shadow IT and prosper keyboard programmer hands

Is shadow IT something CIOs should worry about?

Here's the CIO perspective on shadow IT and how their peers have responded to the advent of shadow IT within their organizations.

healthcare cost of medication

What Quest Diagnostics’ new study tells us about healthcare IT and value-based care

The shift towards value-based care is real, however the pace of change will depend on addressing several structural and technology challenges.

04 value

How the right technology can create value for everyone

Some entrepreneurs put their ladder up against the wrong castle, and only after all of the startup effort of climbing that ladder, realize their strategic error. The right tech solution addresses the right-sized problem.

machine learning cloud ai artifical intelligence 2

How artificial intelligence is shaping online retail in 2017

Although artificial intelligence has not reached levels of cinematic expectations, it has certainly come a long way. As we approach the halfway mark of 2017, we've seen that artificial intelligence has penetrated online retail in ways...

xfinity xfi voice remote

Consumers love to hate the companies that deliver pay TV and broadband

A survey of thousands of consumers shows that a lack of competition and “abysmal” customer service make cable companies and ISPs the most disliked industries in the country.

170323 broadband

Goodbye cable; hello gigabit broadband

Our consumer blogger finally cuts the cord and installs ultra-fast broadband. Here’s what he learned.

ipad mini 4 slide

Is the iPad mini doomed?

Rumors suggest that Apple might discontinue the iPad mini. Will Apple finally pull the plug on the diminutive iPad mini?

A woman stacking gold coins.

Funding your startup with the ICO and token crowdsales explosion

Entrepreneurs are taking notice of the $24.1 billion market capitalization of Bitcoin and the recent $12.3 million raised off a $300 million valuation of Gnosis.

future dog with virtual reality glasses

Smart glasses are making workers more productive

Mixing up more traditional ways of being productive with cutting-edge technology can help optimize every aspect of your business, from supply chain to retail.

futuristic flowchart 135523847

If it is worth doing, it is worth automating

Take a few minutes and think about those things you could automate. If they are worth doing at greater effort, they are certainly worth doing at less effort.

snap ipo1

Why you need to stop comparing Snap to Facebook

Snap’s short life as a public company took a turn for the worse this week. While dramatic slides in value aren’t unprecedented for new publicly traded social firms, Snap does have some perception problems to address.

smartphones tablet mobile devices

Get ready to say goodbye to T-Mobile

A Japanese conglomerate wants to buy T-Mobile and merge it with Sprint. What a disaster for consumers that will be.

golf hole ts

How an AI caddie could improve your golf game

Arccos Golf is leveraging the data generated by its golf performance tracking system to provide a subscription-based artificial intelligence caddie to help golfers make data-driven decisions on the course.

uber in the enterprise primary

How Uber for Business helps the ridesharing company grow

Uber’s head of enterprise says the ridesharing app will triple its workforce for business customers this year. But the company faces many challenges, including a corporate culture that allegedly enabled a discriminatory work...

nintendo 3ds xl

Gaming: iOS and Android both stink

Is iOS better than Android for gaming? Or do both mobile operating systems leave something to be desired for gamers?

alexa everywhere primary

Why Amazon is putting Alexa everywhere

The head of Amazon’s Alexa business explains why the company is investing heavily in voice services for manufacturers of various device types.


3 top travel apps worth revisiting

TripAdvisor, Kayak, and TripIt have been around for years. But they keep getting more powerful and more useful with new features.

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