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The ABCs of a singular global IT architecture

How the CIO of Brightstar embedded IT into the customer experience, integrated service lines, and made IT central to the business rather than just an order taker.

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Travel conference CEOs worry technology could drive the de-personalization of travel

And in an era where travelers have more stress than ever, is reducing genuine human contact actually increasing the sense of isolation and anxiety?

ios apps iphone 6 mobile

What Apple’s App Store can teach us about digital transformation

To help drive the company vision forward, CIOs need to decentralize IT and foster a culture of self-service not unlike that of Apple’s App Store.

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Blockchain might fatten your wallet – here’s what you should know

Few people have heard about blockchain and even fewer understand what it can do. Yet by 2025, it will become a major component of individual international commerce.

Shine a spotlight on shadow IT and prosper keyboard programmer hands

How to harness the power of shadow IT

Shadow IT poses serious risks to your business, but what if you embraced it with proper governance? NTT Communications' Jeffrey Bannister explains how businesses that innovate will ultimately reap Shadow IT’s benefits.

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Success secrets for conversational commerce

1-800-Flowers was an early pioneer in the world of conversational commerce. Now that their Facebook Messenger and Alexa platforms have been live for a full year, they shared some key "lessons learned" from their conversational...

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