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9 chiefs you don't need in the C-suite

What's in a title? Sometimes surprisingly little, it turns out.

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4 organizational design errors C-suite executives have let slip through the cracks

Employees’ informal arrangements, structural failures and autonomy and accountability gaps can be every C-suite’s Achilles Heel. Here’s how to find and address them.

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5 reasons you need to hire a chief privacy officer (CPO)

Businesses today run on data, but with great value comes great risk. Here are five good reasons to hire a chief privacy officer.

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CIO Career Coach: Creating an IT Investment Culture

Martha Heller showcases what it takes to create an IT investment culture.

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CFO or CEO: To whom should IT report?

Directly reporting to an innovation-driven CEO can help CIOs when it comes to budget negotiations. But CIOs must have good communications with everyone in the C-suite.

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Strategic guidelines for CIOs to lead the digital age

In this new era of industrial revolution, senior executives cannot afford to ignore the importance of digital innovation and its impact on the business environment, the management of organizations and the entire value chain. From IT...

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Business is playing a bigger role in tech buying, but the CIO will still dominate

Business execs are playing a bigger role in buying technologies to help their firms win, serve, and retain customers. CIOs still play a major role, but they operate in a new world of shifting responsibilities. New project spending in...

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The pain of legacy-to-digital transformation is an epidemic

How can the traditional IT organizations remain business relevant while the business IT divide remains, the shadow IT spending increases, and the third-party providers increase their share of the enterprise IT spend? Lean IT has the...

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Stop making speeches

Should you memorize a speech when you have to give a business presentation? No. You are giving a business presentation, not a speech. Save the speech for after dinner.

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Content analytics shows us alternative pathways to success

Writing is evidence of thinking. We hire knowledge workers to think and then convert their thinking into action. People produce content that looks like work, based on what they think work should look like. An important part of content...

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7 tips for engaging millennials in tech companies

Technology companies are infamous for high turnover and rapid burnout. Why is this, and how can senior leaders navigate a rapidly evolving talent market?

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Enterprise analytics is about finding better problems

The digital part of transformation is only the technology element. Transformation happens when the enterprise mission changes. Once an organization is a certain size it becomes like a vertebrate: Everything needs to connect to the...

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Majority of C-level executives are hopeful about the future of technology

Survey of more than 500 C-level executives in Europe and the U.S. reveals data security and client retention as top priorities.

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Many businesses are just beginning their digital transformation journeys

Analysis from three surveys from CEO, business leaders, and CIO on the state of the digital transformation journey.

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How RegTech closes the gap between technology and financial services

Customers, entrepreneurs, banks and financial institutions in general have all felt the sudden impact of FinTech over the last few years. In fact, banks are expected to invest more than $20 billion on technologies in 2017, and the...

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A new model for business presentations

A new model for business presentations that allows for the broader emergence of ideas from the shared experience between audience and the presenter, that doesn't rely on the Authority of Office or comprehensive category expertise. How...

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Why a move to chief digital officer was a promotion for one CIO

Richard Maranville became CDO of Freeman Company after he identified a need to better manage and develop the company's digital products. His replacement at CIO now reports to him.

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Good analytics governance isn't about better information

As organizations evolve, or try to evolve, the matter of governance inevitably comes up. Elegant delegation and decision rules come undone at the first special case that requires a variation from the norm.

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