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Talent compass pointing to the most highly skilled jobs hiring

4 criteria to attract top IT talent

As the battle to hire top IT talent heats up, these criteria – location, compensation, role, and recruiting process – will help you assess your ability to attract technology leaders.

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The 4 dimensions of successful innovation

Technology is not the answer to your company’s survival. It’s purely an enabler.

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Why rate of change should be the most important metric in your company

Rate of change is your company's capacity to generate new ideas, and act on them. Most disruptive companies that challenged the status quo, and became industry leaders were not interested in looking for mere strategic advantages, or...

health transformation

Keeping pace with the digital transformation: From rhetoric to action

Digitization is a global megatrend, causing shock waves across a myriad of industries. Around the globe, boards of every enterprise are concerned about the impact of digitization on their company’s market position and ability to...

uber in the enterprise primary

Uber's culture crash and how to avoid it

Uber has vaulted to one of the most valuable companies in the world, but 2017 has been a historically bad year for the company, both internally and externally. How can other technology companies avoid the same fate?

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