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Stay out of security breach headlines: 3 things that must be addressed in your cloud agreement

If done correctly and with the proper level of insight, there are ways to mitigate the risks associated with such breaches.

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FBI's top 10 most wanted cybercriminals

The internet has impacted the world in numerous ways, but it isn't always positive. Thanks to technology, we now have the rise of the cybercriminal, and the FBI even has a most wanted list for these criminals.

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The destruction of United’s brand highlights the role of employees in cyber defense

We recently saw the reputation of United Airlines destroyed in just 24 seconds. Yet the video of a man being beaten and dragged off his flight highlights a more serious information security risk.

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5 data breach predictions for 2017

To help you stay ahead of emerging threats, here are five key data breach trends that you should anticipate in 2017.

How CIO’s prepare for tomorrow’s healthcare data breaches

Data breaches increased 54 percent from 2012 to 2016. The struggle to protect medical and healthcare data will continue into the new year. Understanding your threat profile is the first step toward prevention.

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How a dose of AI could be the cure for hospital EHR cyberattacks in 2017

We are all sick (literally) and tired of the endless rounds of 'catch the data thief' playing at a hospital near you. Since these hospital attacks begin in 2014, they seem to get worse each year. Now industry pundits are indicating...

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Top 4 security trends of 2016

As digital transformation overtook the enterprise in 2016, security professionals have struggled to keep up with a shifting technology and cultural landscape while keeping one eye ahead on the threat horizon.

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Why assuming data is secure is dangerous and stupid

The latest news concerning Hilary Clinton’s email has columnist Rob Enderle ticked off because it highlights an ongoing problem regarding security breaches, assuming we are secure.

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8 challenges that keep financial services CTOs and CIOs up at night

Experts in financial services, IT, security and compliance discuss the major issues facing IT executives at financial services companies.

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Healthcare data breaches: It's no longer about healthcare or medical data

Recent health system data breaches were exploits of vendor IT systems, not internal defenses. What does this mean for healthcare companies and their IT vendors?

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Laptops most often stolen from most unlikely place

The rise of mobile has led many CIOs to fret about data loss from lost or stolen devices. A new study suggests IT theft in the office should be a primary concern.

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Planning for security breaches: What CIOs need to know to stay out of the hot seat

The C-suite is on the hot seat for security as companies face lawsuits stemming from security breaches, says Matthew Karlyn, Partner, Technology Transactions & Outsourcing Practice, Foley & Lardner LLP. Listen to Karlyn's CIO...

What the board needs to know about cybersecurity compliance

Board members are now facing lawsuits after large-scale cybersecurity breaches because the security breakdowns are considered a failure to uphold fiduciary duties.

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Shining a light on dark data: Securing information across the enterprise

As the cost per gigabyte of enterprise storage continues to decrease, it has become cheaper and easier for enterprises to add disk space instead of policing their existing usage; and in the process they risk losing control of their...

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Tech industry stupidity reigned supreme in 2015

Columnist Rob Enderle describes 2015 as yet another year when stupid decisions were the norm. He would like to see folks finally learning from their mistakes, but he won’t be holding his breath.

The 3 T's of a cybersafety program

Awareness is key, the more aware an employee is the safer they will be as they perform day-to-day activities in a dangerous environment. Effective cybersecurity strategies employ the same focus on end user awareness.

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Organizations sloppy about securing privileged accounts

While most companies have processes in place for managing administrative and other privileged accounts -- the sorts of credentials frequently used in high-profile data breaches for the past several years -- most do a poor job of...

Bank of Personal Information: The security service you need today

Data breaches are undermining your customers' confidence in your business. It is time to offer them real security. A bank of personal information could provide an essential service to businesses and consumers and be the heart of a...

Ashley Madison breach shows hackers may be getting personal

It’s bad enough that we have to worry about identity theft and assaults on our bank accounts. Now we have to worry about hackers finding – and releasing – embarrassing, lurid life- and career-ruining information, too.

From Hillary to Ashley, black hats turn gray

Hacking medical records promises greater rewards than purely financial ones. The threat has grown worse over the last several years. In the future, telling the bad guys from the good may get tougher.

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