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What to expect in the Data Center Market for 2020

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Realise the potential of your data

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What is a software-defined data center, and why is it important?

Bring the magic and simplicity of software and integrate it directly into the hardware at the most basic level, so that from start to finish, the process is defined and controlled through software automation.

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How composability meets the needs of today’s evolving data center

While the cloud consumption model continues to offer considerable benefits, enterprises are realizing that certain applications are better hosted on-premises in a private cloud due to security, regulatory, cost, and performance...

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Solve data center network congestion with software-defined automation

SDN can transform your network into an intelligent, automated superhighway.

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Today’s healthcare requires innovation powered by a data center designed for tomorrow

Modern healthcare providers rely on software-defined data centers for innovation

Not dead yet: Windows Server 2008 users have options

With support for Windows Server 2008 ending, there’s still time to examine alternatives to upgrading.

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How IBM plans to compete in the cloud

IBM hopes to reduce the complexity of moving workloads to the cloud through Cloud Paks,’ its series of specialized packaged offerings that enterprise can implement relatively quickly. But is it enough?

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Composability and intelligence are accelerating the self-driving data center

Thanks to the unique combination of composability and intelligence, the car won’t be the only thing self-driving in the next few years—the data center will be too.

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Don’t be left behind. Dramatic change is impacting datacenters and people.

Today’s datacenter exists without clear boundaries, creating growing complexity.

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Open source databases: Today’s viable alternative for enterprise computing

Enterprises looking for performance and savings are turning to open source. For much less money, major open source database management systems can provide as good or better data service and performance.

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More enterprises are using containers; here’s why.

In the same way containers changed the shipping industry, today’s container technology is changing how businesses deploy and use applications in the data center and the public cloud.

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New software tools help better manage growing complexity in the datacenter

At some point, the traditional ways of manually managing infrastructure reaches a breaking point and must be changed.

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How one company put hyperconvergence to the test in their SAP HANA environment

In today’s fast paced, constantly changing IT landscape, it can be hard for companies to keep up with the latest and greatest datacenter trends. Many organizations opt to wait until a new category of solutions is road-tested by...

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IT as a Service future offerings: 5 must haves

Consumers love flexibility in contracts and the opportunity to pay only for what they use, when they use it. IT as a Service (ITaaS) works the same way.

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Why AI Ops? Because the era of the zettabyte is coming.

In the days to come, AI will impact everything within an enterprise in one way or another. Because so much data is flowing from so many sources, manual processes will be overwhelmed.

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Looking at the 2019 Data Center Landscape: 7 Trends to keep an eye on

Corporate data centers remain an integral part of IT operations, but how they're used continues to change.

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3 ways consumption IT makes your business smarter

A move from buy-and-build IT in the traditional sense to consuming IT on-premises with a hybrid IT infrastructure brings three significant benefits.

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Coming soon: Eco-friendly data centers | TECH(feed)

As the push for sustainability across all businesses intensifies, so too will the push for greener IT infrastructure. Data centers are notorious for giving off thermal energy and being somewhat energy inefficient. Researchers at Rice...

As MENA moves to cloud, CIOs look to keep data in-country, study shows

Companies particularly in the UAE are quickly implementing cloud solutions, but with GDPR in play, data sovereignty is now top of the IT agenda.

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