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Spectre and Meltdown | Salted Hash Ep 17

What is it about the Spectre and Meltdown attacks that scared everyone so much? Host Steve Ragan and J.M. Porup talk through the impact of these hardware flaws.

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Establishing role-based access control in the workplace

Access control is necessary, and every organization must implement it in some form.

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What is the cyber kill chain?

Concerned about your network defense? Watch this short video to learn the 7 stages of the cyber kill chain, a framework created by Lockheed Martin to outline the phases of a targeted cyberattack.

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CIO 2020: Greater collaboration, and an end to control-based security

Given the meteoric rise in the number of security breaches in recent years, CIOs and CISOs need to be highly aligned and collaborative around every corporate initiative.

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Could a digital identity network prevent the next Equifax-like breach?

A military veteran equipped with a Harvard MBA launches digital identity startup to protect against future Equifax cyberattacks.

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5 things J. S. Bach can teach you about information security

What can a centuries-old classical music composer teach today's CIOs about infosec? Plenty, it turns out...if you'll only listen.

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Best practices for a secure and trustworthy container platform strategy

Container technology has a direct impact on the agility of a software development team and consequently have seen a huge increase in interest, adoption and usage.

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Blockchain IDs need international consensus

Just as they agreed on the booklet format of a passport and the information included within, they must also do so for the next generation of IDs.

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Looking for nails to hit with my blockchain hammer

A Q&A with Adventium blockchain expert T.D. Smith

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How blockchain is hastening the advance of autonomous cars

Blockchain is quickly achieving parity between human and robotic drivers, and should soon accelerate self-driving solutions into the realm of statistical perfection.

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EU privacy law says companies need to explain the algorithms they use

Explainable AI is needed to fully comply with the new EU data protection law. But companies don't need to sacrifice the benefits of machine learning accuracy to do it.

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Cybersecurity is every IT leader’s job

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and is supposed to remind us of the magnitude of the growing cybersecurity threat. As if we needed reminding this year.

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Can blockchain make IoT faster and more secure?

Blockchain technology will allow IoT devices to truly become autonomous – exchanging data, executing actions, and improving their own processes – all without any kind of centralized authority.

Hacking stealing password data.

4 ways to halt data thieves

Small- to medium-sized businesses struggle to reduce the complexity of cyber security management while maintaining defenses against a growing threat landscape. All security professionals and solution providers will agree that...

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6 reasons why organizations need to boost their cyber-resilience

Despite skyrocketing cyber-security spending, 81% of CISOs still worry that data breaches remain unaddressed.

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Whose fingerprints are all over your customer data?

When compared to data warehousing, the data lake paradigm is incredibly appealing. But until you start working with the data, you don’t know what you don’t know. And that can be fatal.

VMware headquarters

How VMware is re-thinking security for the cloud era

With breaches making headlines around the world, the IT marketplace is looking for new ways to protect applications and data. With App Defense, VMware has built a security product with virtualization in mind.

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5 ways you could avoid and prepare for cyberattacks in your organization

Preparing for any potential cyberattack is an increasingly important precautionary steps in every organization. Here's how your team could do it without disrupting existing processes.

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