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Figures lie. Liars figure

Presenting your IT results in ways which lead to the conclusion you desire.

customer experience

These 3 types of customer data platforms are not one and the same

A true customer data platform must integrate data from across functional and channel-specific silos into a single customer view that is accessible in real-time.

binary code spanning a world map

Reality check: the complexities of mapping the world in 2018

Although it’s widely believed that high-quality data is readily available and accessible, that is not always the case – it is more common, however, in regions with three common attributes. Dan Adams, Vice President of Data Product...

03 action plan

Don’t just push data – push an action

By pushing an action along with data, the information makes more of an impact on the people who can act upon it. And that drives productivity.

8 cool heat maps that help you visualize big data

Big or small, data can be difficult to visualize. These examples use heat maps to put massive data sets into a context that's easy to understand.

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