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How modern firms can capitalize on data assets

Adopting a data-driven operating model boosts customer loyalty and drives business.

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AI’s biggest risk factor: Data gone wrong

Bad data is big issue for artificial intelligence, and as businesses increasingly embrace AI, the stakes will only get higher. Here’s how not to get burned.

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Snowflake, now a unicorn, eyes global growth for cloud data warehouse

Fueled by a capital injection of $263 million making it the first cloud-native data warehouse startup to achieve "unicorn" status, Snowflake is set this year to expand its global footprint, offer cross-regional, data-sharing...

cloud data warehouse

The data warehouse in 2018

ELT has moved to the forefront and now quickly becoming the standard in big data systems.

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To be AI-first, move beyond managing data warehouses

Enterprises need to define a path to data-maturity and that requires reshaping and reorganizing their data storage, description, maintenance and value generation processes, procedures, tooling and functions.

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SAP wants to embrace all your data stores with Data Hub

If data warehouses are for tidiness freaks (information packaged into neat inferences, sorted and stacked, the rest discarded) and data lakes are for hoarders (tip everything in, you never know what might be useful) then SAP's new...

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The CIO's data dilemma: The paradox of plenty?

"Data rich but information poor" is how many business stakeholders describe their organizations. They increasingly challenge CIOs to change the status quo, leveraging some of the data/analytics buzzwords and success stories they are...

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