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The future of code quality, security and agility lies in machine learning

Why and how machine learning on code is the next frontier to a whole new series of software building tools.

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5 reasons for containerizing your legacy Windows Server applications

Why leading enterprises across the globe are turning to a container management platform to breathe new life into legacy Windows Server applications.

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Reduce your mean time to value (MTTV) with low-code cloud platforms

Create apps to solve business problems in hours instead of months.

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The UX of liminal (transient) spaces

In other words, the benefits of waiting.

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GraphQL: The API technology to watch in 2018

With APIs now the default for commerce platforms, GraphQL (from Facebook) has recently been emerging as a “must have” layer for building commerce applications.

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It’s time for manufacturers to get Lean

Lean tools for product innovation help enterprises embrace change and achieve agility at scale.

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Enhanced IT productivity through the use of low/no-code software development

The trick with low-code/no-code platforms, as with all employed technologies, is to do your homework up front to assure it’s implemented in an orderly, secure, productive and maintainable manner.

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Predictive software engineering: the ultimate way to deliver working software

The framework consists of seven specific concepts. Together they ensure transparency, as well as render the process controllable and predictable in its essence.


Why low code platforms are the future of app development

They're easier, faster and a more efficient use of time. And it doesn’t matter whether developers are on-board with this change or not.

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Is it the end of coding in the enterprise?

Though the act of developing applications will remain essential and become more critical than ever, the nature of development is changing. And those who adapt first and fastest will win.

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The Rust language: Developing safer software

Get up to speed quickly on newcomer Rust, designed to create fast, system-level software. This two-minute animated explainer shows how Rust bypasses the vexing programming issues of memory and management.

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Low-code: today’s latest buzzword or technology worth the buzz?

Why are low-code solutions getting so much attention lately? And is it warranted?

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How GitLab built a worldwide enterprise even when everybody stopped showing up

Can a worldwide enterprise succeed when only one out of 170 employees actually shows up? Can it thrive over time? Can it innovate, expand, and grow? Those are the questions Sid Sijbrandij — CEO of GitLab — faced in the early days...

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