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The dark side of DevOps: Forewarned is forearmed

Ideal scenarios rarely play out in real life, and DevOps is no different. Learn how implementing this software development philosophy can flop—and how to avoid disaster.

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SRE vs DevOps: What's the difference?

How systems reliability engineers and DevOps are transforming IT.

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The evolution of devops from ‘Kumbaya’ to value

We’re nearly 10 years deep in the devops movement. On the one hand, a great deal has been accomplished. On the other, many organizations still have a long way to go.

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Banking on devops: some banks are getting it right

How do banks that traditionally apply changes less than ten times a year move to continuous delivery? Devops is the answer, but culture and legacy systems are the challenge.

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3 pillars of devops success for 2018, part 3

The compliance and regulatory needs that software companies must satisfy.

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Devsecops: Game-changing the app economy

Devsecops is a disruptive force that will not only improve application security, but also enable the security team to create greater value for their organization.

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3 pillars of devops success for 2018, part 2

In this three-part blog series, I will be looking at key success factors for devops as we head into 2018.

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3 pillars of devops success for 2018

Now that the industry has a grasp on what devops means, companies have invested in tools, and the concept has "grown up," it is time to for devops to start delivering on its promise and proving worthwhile.

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Is it the end of coding in the enterprise?

Though the act of developing applications will remain essential and become more critical than ever, the nature of development is changing. And those who adapt first and fastest will win.

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Can devops be delivered in a distributed labor model?

The key to a high-functioning devops team? Two pizza boxes and one Nerf ball.

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Splunk’s CIO on DevOps, APIs and the evolving role of IT

In this Q&A, Splunk CIO Declan Morris shares insight into the technology approaches that will enable Splunk to double revenue in the next three years.

Data is your biggest digital hurdle. DataOps will help you clear it

The complexities of handling data derail even the best plans for digital transformation. Delphix says it has found a better way forward.

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How DevOps changes the delivery of IT functions

Labor arbitrage and shared services companies have had a perfect marriage over the last 20 years. Then along came the Digital Revolution with new business models and a new construct for services. One component of the digital model...


Secure platforms as a service allow you to focus on function

Learn what to expect from this new class of security-focused, container-based cloud platforms.


Puppet zeroes in on containers, cloud workloads

The devops vendor also is upgrading its Enterprise edition and offering a service to tell users what they have running inside of Docker containers

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Computer forensics follows the bread crumbs left by perpetrators

As investigators, these security pros let the clues lead them. See in a few examples how commercial software helps these techies solve the crime.

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In the digital era, CIOs not buying ‘this bimodal crap’

To stave off disruption, savvy CIOs know they need to move at one speed: Fast. Bimodal is not an option.

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Embracing continuous delivery to power the programmable enterprise

Putting data at the fingertips of developers and decision makers to deliver new capabilities at a high velocity

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