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The next digital disruption: The CIO role

Digital disruption is more than just an organizational existential threat. Here are five key disruptors that are reshaping the CIO role — and the skills IT leaders will need to adapt.

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What to expect in the Data Center Market for 2020

2019 was a year for digital transformation across a number of areas and industries – and the data center market was no exception. Under increasing pressure to stay relevant and keep up with rapidly advancing technologies, data...

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Three Steps to Achieving Data Center Network Agility

Digital transformation, the “internet of things” and our high-speed future all rely on the scalability of the infrastructure behind them. Network providers must design and deploy enterprise data centers, not only to keep pace with...

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5 tips for navigating supplier relationships in an economic downturn

Don't let cost-cutting derail your digital transformation; take these steps to strengthen supplier relationships.

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Doubling down on digital transformation during the coronavirus pandemic

CIOs opting to hunker down and wait out COVID-19 should think again. By revving up their digital business strategies, they position themselves for growth when the pandemic subsides, say experts and CIOs.

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What makes a great chatbot? Laser focus on customers

Chatbot success hinges on the right NLP algorithms and regular upkeep, experts say. Here’s how to ensure your chatbot initiative pays off.

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CIOs say personal disruption comes before digital disruption

Why CIOs and their teams need to change themselves first, before digital disruption can work for the entire organization.

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Scaling agile and DevOps for digital transformation

Overhauling your product and services development and delivery process at the organizational level can help ensure digital success.

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Mercy turns to analytics to improve implant outcomes

Mercy Technology Services is using NLP technologies and an in-memory database to extract and analyze data from doctors’ notes in near real-time.

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At Port of Seattle, machine learning streamlines air cargo operations

The government agency's air cargo team at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is using artificial intelligence and computer vision for object detection and cataloging to improve operational efficiency.

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Inside Tata Consultancy Services’ massive reskilling transformation

In 2016, TCS launched the Global Learning Initiative to upskill talent at scale and ensure its workforce has the digital skills necessary to facilitate clients’ digital journeys.

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Key to sustained digital transformation in 2020: People

Predictions about enterprise technology tend to be focused heavily on, well, technology. And why not? Without emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing, genuine digital transformation would...

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Realise the potential of your data

DXC helps companies go beyond running the business to changing the business. CTO Dan Hushon explains.  Get THRIVE in your inbox.

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Why your modernization push must start with data

As organizations race to transform themselves around new technologies like cloud platforms, software as a service (SaaS), data analytics, and edge computing, the data that’s locked up in their legacy applications becomes not just...

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5 ways IT can match the pace of business

How can modern CIOs operate at the speed of business, while being flexible enough to respond quickly to market changes? Click here to discover the five bold courses of action. Get THRIVE in your inbox

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A tale of two missions: From IT modernization to business transformation

In this report, the Leading Edge Forum clarifies the myths and realities and provides a solid steer through two main digital transformation missions – near-term IT modernization and long-term business transformation. Discover what...

Navkendar Singh - Research Director, Client Devices & IPDS, IDC India

Shaping the New Work Experience & Modern Digital Workspace: Navkendar Singh, IDC India

Navkendar Singh - Research Director, Client Devices & IPDS, IDC India deep dives more on the second pillar of the future enterprise - digital workforce. He shares his thoughts on shaping the new work experience and modern digital...

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What is human-centered design? A product framework that embraces empathy

HCD is a design framework centered around end-user desires and needs. Implementing it can help your company design and deliver high-quality products and customer experiences.

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