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Why digital adoption matters in today’s business world

Convincing the leadership at your organization that you need to 'go digital' is one thing. Actually getting everyone to use the platforms, tools and services you select is another.

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5 digital transformation trends for 2019

Expect companies to scale-back their Big Bang change rhetoric in favor of a more iterative approach to innovation, a shift to product management, and renewed efforts around operational efficiency.

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Digging deeper into AI: Why scratching the surface isn’t enough

Leaders are betting on artificial intelligence to grow their business. To succeed, though, they must recognize that AI is a way of being, not just another thing to do.

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TD Ameritrade banks on AI, VR

TD Ameritrade has struck forward-thinking deals with and Facebook on virtual assistants and virtual reality, respectively. Will these bets pay off?

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5 keys to reskilling IT for digital transformation

To truly transform, legacy staff must learn new skills in support of new technologies and business objectives. Here’s how to motivate and train for digital success.

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Digital transformation using business architecture

Corporations investing in digital transformation must use enterprise and business architecture in the planning stages of their projects.

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Digital transformation’s dark secret

Much of what passes as digital transformation these days is more cosmetic than foundational. The root of true change is deeper than you think.

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Taking a counterintuitive approach to business strategy and technology deployment

As CIOs embrace disruptive technologies, a counterintuitive approach to strategy and execution is key.

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Blockchain for business: 6 promising pilots

From financial services to agriculture and non-profits, several organizations are betting on the digital ledger technology as the future for facilitating and verifying business transactions.

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How to break down the enormity of change for IT modernization

Phased approach yields consistent productive progress in IT capability to support digital transformation.

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Synchrony banks on AI in digital transformation

Synchrony has pushed all in on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation to improve customer service, fight fraud and automate repetitive tasks.

Proving your value in digital transformation’s third wave

Digital transformation isn’t new. It has been going on for at least 40 years. We are, however, firmly in the middle of digital’s third wave, and it is completely different from what came before. Hear from experts involved in the CX...

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Digital transformation on full display at GITEX 2018

The Dubai Police Department and the city's Road and Transport Authority share their digital transformation initiatives and how they're using technology to improve customer experience.

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Digital is the business strategy at Principal Financial Group

Gary Scholten, CIO and CDO of $14 billion financial services firm Principal Financial Group, offers sage advice to ensure a strategic approach to digital technologies.

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10 hot startups targeting today’s key IT initiatives

Startups remain a key resource for CIOs seeking an innovative edge. From AI to data analytics to cybersecurity, here are 10 startups looking to fulfill IT leaders’ most pressing digital needs.

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Driving digital strategy

Digital strategy matters to all business leaders. As the key facilitator of digital strategy, it is essential that CIOs need to understand the latest thinking on digital strategy, so they can help their colleagues to have digital...

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5 reasons why data lakes are vital for startup analytics

Compared to more mature companies, early-stage startups have drastically different analytics needs. Data lake infrastructure can make things easier on them.

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The incumbent’s advantage

Digital transformation is scary, but it can be a bit less risky by maintaining and leveraging your organization's existing systems and exposing them in new, more engaging experiences.

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Amazon’s biased AI recruiting tool gets scrapped

Amazon scraps its AI recruiting tool upon realizing it discriminated against women. No one is surprised.

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G6 Hospitality finds room to grow in AWS cloud

The operator of Motel 6 and Studio 6 hotel brands bet on Amazon Web Services and DevOps to run more agile operations, says CIO Jessie Burgess.

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