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How to drive alignment with your service provider in implementing digital technologies

How can your company ask its service provider to introduce digital technologies when it means asking the provider to compress its revenue?

Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO, Software AG

Software AG’s new CEO urges CIOs to drive digital transformations

Sanjay Brahmawar discusses why digital transformation is a career-defining opportunity for CIOs and encourages IT leaders to experiment to stay ahead of the competition.

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Is your culture the final key to successful digital transformation?

The missing piece to successful digital transformation might not have anything to do with technology. Find out why one passage from Alibaba’s Jack Ma could be the key to creating and sustaining an organization that helps you succeed.

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5 forces of friction which put a brake on change

Why better methods and frameworks have not always led to the improvement in the success of change.

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Why IT-business alignment still fails

With the push for digital transformation, relations between business and IT seemed to be improving, then they took a left turn. Here’s what’s worth addressing to improve alignment in your organization.

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Diversity helps fuel Capital One’s digital journey

For Capital One, accelerating digital transformation starts with programs aimed at fostering greater diversity and inclusion.

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IT and engineering under one leader drives an exceptional customer experience

Sheri Rhodes, CIO and CTO of Western Union, discusses how innovation and talent development help the global money-transfer company provide outstanding customer experience.

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What’s your digital business model?

A new book by Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner will challenge the thinking of CIOs and CEOs equally.

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Monsanto: Driving digital leadership to elevate the business (and feed the world)

Digital transformation has to be about evolving the entire enterprise — not just IT. Monsanto CIO Jim Swanson discusses how he’s making it happen, and why it’s paying off.

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JPMorgan Chase invests in agile platforms, digital talent

At JPMorgan Chase, CIO Lori Beer is harnessing agile, APIs and microservices, and looking for new talent to help the banking giant stave off digital disruption.

digital transformation /finger tap causes waves of interconnected digital ripples

15 ways to salvage a troubled digital transformation

Digital journeys are rife with hurdles and setbacks. From reorganizing the ranks to insisting on value, here’s how to reboot a digital initiative gone awry.

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Digital transformation with purpose: Making the shift towards balanced business models

As companies continue to work on their digital transformation initiatives and to make steady progress, it’s vitally important to re-visit goals and objectives along the way.

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5 common but erroneous assumptions about digital transformation

Digital transformation is worth its weight because of its high impact on optimizing business performance, unleashing collective potential and driving the business’s long-term prosperity.

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How Schneider Electric grooms 'digital experts' to spark transformation

Girding for the industrial IoT age, CIO Elizabeth Hackenson is training up her IT staff to think and act more digitally in an effort to spread strategic tech across Schneider’s business segments.

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How digital transformation is shaping industries

Digital transformation is creating an opportunity for innovation across all industries that is nothing short of a renaissance. From retail to life sciences, we are seeing a complete reinvention of products, services and experiences...

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How to build for change in a cloudy world

Integration is one of the most strategic initiatives an organization can invest in today. Is it part of your cloud strategy?

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IT budget advice for midmarket organizations

Factors your midsize business needs to consider when budgeting for major technology initiatives and projects.

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Maximizing your training strategy

Organizations that simply make training available will fall behind in their digital transformation. Implementing, and then maximizing, an internal training strategy is the key to staying competitive in today’s business landscape.

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Don’t let your IT-enabled transformation program go ‘Into Thin Air’

While reading “Into Thin Air”, I started drawing some parallels between climbing Mount Everest and deploying a major ERP system. The software you buy is the path that you choose to climb the mountain, and the System Integrator (SI) is...

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Novartis succeeds in managing IT modernization journey with two-team approach

Approach ensures necessary commitment and continuity for transformation.

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