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Don’t become a digital transformation horror story: Implement solid risk management

The only way to eliminate risk entirely is to do nothing at all, which of course brings its own risks to the business.

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Learning to harness complexity

Increasing complexity is part of the natural order. Instead of fighting it, we should learn to take advantage of it.

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Revenue management can help maximize digital transformation investments

A recent state of revenue survey from Model N links revenue management to digital transformation success.

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Is business modernization on your agenda?

While it may seem obvious that modernization should be the foundation for creating a digital business, most CIOs say that they go hand in hand and can feed off each other in different, not-so-obvious ways.

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Digital transformation initiatives underway, but companies need help

A new survey from Webtorials highlights how businesses understand the importance of digital transformation, but several barriers are hindering adoption.

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What is design thinking? The secret to digital success

Design thinking is becoming a key pillar in digital transformations, with more enterprises tapping the design philosophy to deliver user-friendly products and services.

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How to reconstruct your business’s value chain for the digital world

Digital technologies change everything. The key is understanding and creating a new value chain, not adding technology just because it is new, says pharmaceuticals CIO Guy Hadari.

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Reskilling facilitates agile IT in the digital era

CIOs cross-train employees in a variety of ways to round out their staffs’ skills for the digital age. CIOs share their reskilling strategies and lessons learned.

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12 ways IT can create business value in 2019

From optimizing operations to adopting new platforms aimed at innovation, IT leaders driving businesses forward with each tough choice they make.

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How the American Cancer Society is navigating its digital transformation journey

Blake Sanders, the ACS CIO, discusses how digital transformation starts with people and process, and requires business and IT leaders to envision more than just the past, but the future as well.

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Starting your innovation journey

The power of innovation takes shape as the vehicle to bridge your organization’s current operations to its envisioned future.

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Building a digital learning culture at Avery Dennison

Your digital strategy is only as strong as your least digital employee. That is why Avery Dennison built digital literacy into its multi-pronged digital transformation strategy.

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Sales automation app helps Suddath get its move on

The commercial moving concern digitized a manual sales process, resulting in reduced administrative overhead and additional revenues. CIO Len O’Neill describes the creation of Suddath’s Estimator software.

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Winning IT transformations start with the end in sight

IT transformations are harder to implement than you expect. Here are five strategies to prevent the slide from inspirational transformation to ineffectual implementation

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Moving IT closer to the action at Ryder System

By shifting more IT activity into the business units, Ryder System CIO Rajeev Ravindran ensures a collaborative approach to technology innovation at the $8.4B transportation and supply chain management company.

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Mercer streamlines operations with machine learning

Human resources consulting firm Mercer turns to machine learning to optimize the highly manual process of collecting data from 30,000 compensation and benefit surveys every year.

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10 digital transformation success stories

WW, Atlassian, StubHub and other enterprises are steering digital initiatives to drive business growth and operational efficiency. These digital transformation examples detail IT leaders’ strategies, implementations and challenges.

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Sole sourcing negotiations: SI tactics and CIO countermeasures

How CIO’s can ensure they maintain control of their sole source negotiations.

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Winning, losing and how you approach change

Jack Welch was the rock star CEO of the 1990s, but are his ideas about change still relevant today? We’ve moved beyond simply adapting to change as it shows up. Find out how the approach successful leaders take with change has changed....

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Caesars plays the high-stakes game of digital transformation

Caesars CIO Les Ottolenghi replatformed the gaming and entertainment company on the cloud to facilitate personalization. The goal? Better guest experiences that translate to greater revenues.

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