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Applying the 3-box solution to technology transformation

A framework for managing a business’s responsibility to create an innovation strategy.

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Implement an agile monetization ecosystem or else

Digital transformation means building your enterprise's agile monetization ecosystem.

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Mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation, the cloud and how to manage it all

Managing digital transformation, the cloud, and all the changes and expenses of the modern global economy.

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What the innovation lab looks like, circa 2018

Taking a look at an innovation lab of a multinational insurance company that wasn’t exactly born digital.

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Technology is changing the travel industry: here’s how

For an industry that has been resistant to incorporating evolving technology into the mix, travel and tourism is ripe for disruption that will touch on every phase of the customer experience.

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How to navigate the maze of business roadmaps

Transformation goes beyond ideas. Create a roadmap for making your business strategy actionable.

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Only a safe cloud can fuel digital transformation

As the world goes digital, organizations will follow. Cloud computing will intensify that journey — but it must be secure.

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Getting your house in order – foundations first

If you’re building a house, lay the foundations before choosing the wallpaper. And if you’re building a digital future, set up your platform before installing VR headsets and robot assistants.

Define your organization's culture

How new technology is driving real-time behavior change in organizational transformations

Most leaders acknowledge the criticality of culture in achieving organizational agility and transformation yet think of culture as a black box that’s impossible to see or change. While culture and behavior change happen at an...


Driscoll’s cultivates digital strategy with AI, blockchain

The berry producer is exploring emerging technologies to establish a holistic view of the business, from research and development to business operations.

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5 top trends driving digital agendas in 2018

Digital technologies will continue to offer companies the opportunity to radically alter their business models, transform operations and create better customer experiences.

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Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's DX dive into virtual medicine

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey takes the next step in its digital transformation, which includes digital doctors, an agile culture and helping customers get a better handle on healthcare.

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5 steps to build a business case for customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is crucial to helping your company improve the customer experience and building brand loyalty. Now to argue for it.

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VITAS improves hospice care with mobile transformation

To accelerate data entry, VITAS Health equipped its clinicians with iPhones and iPads, giving them more time to care for bed-ridden patients. The mobilization paves the way for a greater, cloud-first digital transformation.

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Log-scale gains for your digital transformation

Don’t fall behind from your inability to build the infrastructure that’s required for your business.

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Winter 2018: State of the CIO — IT-business alignment (finally) gets real

The 2018 State of the CIO survey found stronger cooperation and better alignment between IT and its LOB partners, especially as digital transformation initiatives heat up.

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Achieving business transparency

How can CIOs achieve business transparency? What is required for them to succeed here?

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Communicating and marketing a portfolio of initiatives that drive digital transformation

CIOs should market and communicate their portfolio of digital initiatives across several dimensions to keep everyone engaged in the journey.

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Blockchain is poised for a big business breakout

Enterprises in logistics, financial services and agriculture are betting on the digital ledger technology as the future for facilitating and verifying business transactions.

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Where is your company on the path to optimizing a collaborative digital workplace?

Once you identify where exactly you are, you’ll be better able to see your way forward.

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