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8 secrets of effective change leaders

Change doesn’t come easy. Here’s how transformational leaders inspire their organizations to take on new ways of thinking and working in the digital era.

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UPS counters challenge with IoT, analytics

IoT sensors and data about delivery routes and vehicles are helping UPS fend off, its No. 1 threat in the shipping business.

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Mergers and acquisitions speed up digital transformation

Digital transformation is all about speed, yet executives of traditional enterprises are increasingly saying that speed is their biggest challenge. New IT operating models can help, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) make for the...

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3 steps to reimagining your tech workforce in the AI age

Artificial intelligence is significantly changing organizations. IT leaders must act now to ensure their teams can handle this digital transformation. Here are three ways they can start.

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Advice for buying or building a digital platform

Capturing the opportunities available through a digital platform requires understanding how they work.

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Digital transformation and the law of small numbers

Recent studies indicate a slowdown in the shift to value-based care and a struggle to reap the benefits of digital transformation. The answer may lie in understanding the law of small numbers.

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7 negotiation tactics that are futile in cloud renewals

The most common negotiation tactics often don’t work if used during cloud renewals.

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Why design thinking hasn’t saved your digital transformation – yet

Design thinking has been heralded by many as the key to making digital transformation more customer-focused and effective. Anecdotal evidence suggests that isn’t happening, however. Hear from experts involved in helping global...

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How the Walmart-Microsoft partnership builds on the four strategic themes for digital transformation

Digital transformation insights from Microsoft's worldwide lead for retail strategy examining the strategies of their Walmart partnership.

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3 fundamental keys to digital transformation

From confusion to practical results.

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XaaS success: Proving the value of ‘everything as a service’

CIOs are consumerizing IT in new ways, including rolling out self-service analytics and proof-of-concept-as-a-service solutions. Welcome to the age of XaaS.

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How Verizon designs customer-valued chatbots

With AI fast becoming the new UI, Verizon is continually honing two customer-facing chatbots for everything from device troubleshooting to technician updates.

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Common (and avoidable) divestiture headaches

Nearly 9 out of 10 companies plan to divest assets in the next two years, but effectively executing a divestiture from an IT perspective can be a complex and challenging process. These are a few of the common software headaches...

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Carhartt’s digital transformation puts the customer first

Workwear retailer Carhartt launched its digital transformation by making its ecommerce platform more accessible, reliable, and customer-centric.

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Digital transformation can solve some of the world’s biggest problems

Cisco rewarded three global problem solvers that aim to use to technology to make the world a better place -- Liberty Mechatronics, Neopenda, and dot Learn.

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Ensuring your customer feedback loops are built to change

How enterprises are growing customer feedback loops to enhance their bottom lines.

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Digital transformation in food processing? Think automated audits

Food processing is still a highly manual industry, but packaging company Sealed Air is helping its customers improve yield and reduce waste with automated audits.

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Even utilities look to innovate and transform processes

Mike Koehler, CIO and CDO at Exelon, discusses how he’s creating a culture of innovation at the energy provider, improving customer, employee and supplier experiences.

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What’s disrupting supply chain and procurement?

Some innovations have already hit, others not yet. Best to be prepared.

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Why digital transformations are lagging

Executive confidence in digital transformations is waning, thanks to shaky leadership, IT-business disconnect and a failure to stoke true organizational change.

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