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blockchain ecosystem

How blockchain builds businesses around individuals

The next generation of blockchain’s power users will be businesses in their own regard, motivating new users by example.

blockchain ecosystem

The rise of Blockchain-as-a-Service

For businesses and their ITDMs, the key is to have a blockchain strategy in place. The technology offers capabilities that could benefit most businesses, but further improvements are bound to come about as these platforms evolve their...

saas kaboom

How digital is fueling a more dynamic B2B commerce world

Digital commerce is a must for any brand operating in today’s B2B marketplace. But SaaS technology is the new prerequisite for growth.

2 token authentication locks

How blockchain tokens can be key to nurturing ecosystems

Ultimately, successful ecosystems are those that inspire users to consolidate activities within them. Tokens make the participation in these ecosystems not only convenient but also potentially profitable.

mobile pay retail ecommerce ts

How neural networks will transform e-commerce

E-commerce is a multi-trillion-dollar industry undergoing a big transformation – one that will permanently change the way we sell and the way consumers will buy.

retail experience

Why holiday mobile commerce is an opportunity for brick-and-mortar retail

This holiday season, phone-wielding shoppers should be seen as a challenging opportunity for smarter retail marketing, not a reason for the holiday blues.

passport stamps

Blockchain IDs need international consensus

Just as they agreed on the booklet format of a passport and the information included within, they must also do so for the next generation of IDs.

mobile pay retail ecommerce ts

Ecommerce and the importance of staying organized

The tools of ecommerce allow you more control (and profits), but require an investment.

customer service telemarketing

6 ways to engage with your customers in real-time

Improving the way that you communicate with your customers will have both short-term and long-term impact on your business.

hand holding magnifying glass over contract

Arbitration mechanisms key to viable smart contract platforms

Smart contract platforms are now making it easy for companies to adopt the technology with minimal technical expertise.

mobile pay retail ecommerce ts

The 4 most in-demand e-commerce skills

Companies are looking to boost their competitiveness in an increasingly digital marketplace, and this rising demand for e-commerce skills means a handful of traits will help you stick out.

wireless internet handshake tablet computer mobile work together

When email threads can become binding agreements

A recent case highlights the ease with which binding contracts can be formed via email.

china flag

How China is en route to becoming a digital superpower

With skyrocketing e-commerce revenues, China’s digital-savvy middle-class is spurring productivity and economic growth. Yet challenges remain.

business man holding money bag

Blockchain might fatten your wallet – here’s what you should know

Few people have heard about blockchain and even fewer understand what it can do. Yet by 2025, it will become a major component of individual international commerce.

qvc japan headquarters

How QVC is closing the IT-business chasm

Todd Sprinkle, CIO of QVC, uses his own blend of business and technology career experience to ensure IT and product are in lockstep.

walmartlabs sunnyvale lobby

E-commerce success: 7 mistakes to avoid like the plague

Starting an e-commerce business does not have to be difficult, but companies should always be conscious of their decisions. Diving in with an established plan and clear goals can make all the difference between a quick exit and an...

Cyber security breach attack on monitor with binary code

7 things startups need to know about cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is now simply one the many realities of doing business today. You should know the risks, and put programs in place that will help you avoid getting hit by cyberattacks down the line.

roses flowers bouquets market

Success secrets for conversational commerce

1-800-Flowers was an early pioneer in the world of conversational commerce. Now that their Facebook Messenger and Alexa platforms have been live for a full year, they shared some key "lessons learned" from their conversational...


Partnerships among many paths to fintech tipping point

When banks and multinational service providers begin carrying out their strategies to survive, and even take advantage of the disruptive potential of fintech, they will find an ecosystem of companies ready and willing to deal.

new york times building

The New York Times is winning at digital

The NYT just released a blockbuster earnings report attributable heavily to their digital transformation. Insiders share the five key secrets to their surprising success.

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