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GraphQL: The API technology to watch in 2018

With APIs now the default for commerce platforms, GraphQL (from Facebook) has recently been emerging as a “must have” layer for building commerce applications.

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In praise of personalized pricing

Despite what you might have heard, personalized pricing would be fair and efficient.

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Why would Goliath buy a coyote?

Do you have the strategic competence to contribute to a multi-billion-dollar merger? Are you and your team nimble enough to contribute to integrating a new business into your portfolio? Find out as you learn lessons from Walmart’s...

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A roadmap forward for payments

Payments have received significant interest and investment over the last several years. However, no one has created a solution having the complete value proposition of paper and plastic predecessors.

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How millennials are changing B2B commerce

Millennials’ technology habits are accelerating the adoption of digital commerce.

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Why purpose-built beats custom-built for commerce applications

When considering whether to buy or build your enterprise's next commerce platform.

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Ecommerce will be safer than ever thanks to blockchain technology

The current model has already proven itself to be insufficient, and the consequences of inaction could impact not just retailers themselves, but millions of users across the globe.

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In ‘trustless’ payment systems, trust is still necessary

Blockchain cannot eliminate trust from the equation, but it can reduce the burden that trust places on any system.

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Using mobile location data to track the Amazon bump, and other retail data innovations

The new partnership between Amazon and Kohl’s is just the type of forward-thinking experiment retailers may need to succeed in today's competitive commerce landscape. These companies looked past their competitive motivations to make...

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A startup guide to accepting cryptocurrency transactions

The number of people using cryptocurrencies is on the rise and is only expected to grow over the next few years. Accepting these currencies from your customers is thus a strategic decision that can put you at a competitive advantage. ...

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Household names bring new tech to consumers with blockchain

The acceptance and opportunities granted by the support of blockchain by major names like Amazon and Google add to ongoing momentum while paving the path for further disruption.

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Predicting the future with social physics and blockchain

Identifying and appreciating the human presence in markets is crucial to determine what kind of future cryptocurrency has.

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Smart contracts still miles away from living up to their name

Smart contracts seemingly create automatically enforceable agreements but the reality is this blockchain technology still has a long way to go.

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Companies embrace blockchain to modernize loyalty programs

Unlike the current standards for awarding miles and points to loyal customers that come with numerous restrictions attached, new blockchain-based services are demonstrating that the capability for building a model that serves all...

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Meet the woman making sure fans get Super Bowl tickets

Camila Franco, the woman behind the scenes at StubHub, is making Super Bowl LII dreams come true for New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles fans.

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5 steps to build a business case for customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is crucial to helping your company improve the customer experience and building brand loyalty. Now to argue for it.

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Is Ethereum’s smart contract dominance being eroded?

Smaller companies that offer vast improvements over Ethereum's use of smart contracts.

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How blockchain is becoming instrumental to social change

Blockchain's ability to store information has applications and effects across industries.

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