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Is digital health the snake oil of our times?

Ineffective EHR and interoperability issues are significant barriers in the adoption of digital health tools. However, some market leaders are finding ways to overcome these headwinds.


Healthcare CIO slams new Medicare proposal

CIO.com talks to Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, about his opposition to the health IT aspects of Medicare’s new approach to paying doctors.

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Health IT adoption lags due to lack of patient interest

New Nielsen survey highlights slow rate of adoption and interoperability in health technology as patients don’t see the value of online scheduling, mobile apps and EMRs.

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How to use advanced analytics to mitigate EHR data risks

Consulting firm PwC says healthcare organizations should leverage advanced analytics to mitigate the risks associated with electronic health record data.

Blockchain health record bank replaces EHRs and EMRs

Blockchain consensus and chain-of-custody for the healthcare supply chain are coming to your neighborhood.

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FHIR blazes new (and needed) path in healthcare

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources would allow developers to write apps that would extend the capabilities of Electronic Health Records, give patients direct access to their own records and create a more solid basis for...

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Who will unlock the giant data bottleneck in healthcare?

Healthcare faces a giant bottleneck when it comes to harnessing the power of data. New solutions are emerging from unusual places.

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3 best practices in healthcare IT security: How Group Health Cooperative does it

Healthcare IT security is a CEO-level issue. How do IT security teams stay ahead of hackers ? One health system shows the way.

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How a hospital CIO turns patient feedback into healthy outcomes

Yale New Haven Hospital is using feedback software and tablets to help bolster patient satisfaction and, ideally, outcomes, says CIO Lisa Stump.

Are you relevant in healthcare's brave new world?

Imagine a computing platform that can read a healthcare organization’s email, Word documents, PDFs, EHR, and text files at marvelous rates of speed, all in an effort to combine its own unique learning into a knowledgebase without any...

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Health IT glossary

CIO.com's health IT glossary provides definitions and information for many terms used in the complex field of healthcare-related information technology and management systems.

3 ways health IT can improve the doctor-patient relationship

The use of electronic health records is getting between physicians and their patients. Here’s how health IT can help solve the problem, and make a powerful friend in the process.

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Why Electronic Health Records aren't more usable

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most doctors are unhappy with their electronic health record (EHR) systems, which tend to be clunky, hard to use and may actually get in the way of truly excellent patient care. Here’s why that’s...

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10 amusing ICD-10 codes doctors just might need this Thanksgiving

The updated healthcare coding system is hardly something to laugh about. You certainly won't hear ICD-10 codes recited by Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon, but these 10 diagnostics codes might have clinicians in stitches this...

How digital avatars will inspire – or frighten – us to better health

Armed with our medical information, digital clones may show us what we are now – and what we could be in the future .

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Keeping out bad actors: Why healthcare CIOs need to be more concerned about securing customer data

There is a set of data almost all people maintain and is 10 times more valuable to hackers on the Dark Web than credit card numbers: Your healthcare record.

Thinking algorithm ready to take on conventional medicine

An algorithm built by a San Francisco startup soon will begin using images archived at operating at imaging centers to teach itself to spot the signs of disease. If it succeeds, medicine will never be the same.

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Health IT use lags despite consumer interest

Nielsen research indicates that healthcare providers have been slow to incorporate technology into their practices, leaving telemedicine a far-off prospect.

Artificial intelligence: Humankind’s best chance for a healthier future

Artificial intelligence inspires fear in some, but it may be the only way we can meet our potential in healthcare.

How Big Data can help save $400 billion in healthcare costs

Massive volumes of data are being collected on patients. This data is the raw material for making tools that could make patient handling more efficient and effective, improving patient outcomes and saving hundreds of billions of...

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