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Rewrite or rebuild? 5 legacy system upgrade considerations

Is a rewrite or a rebuild of legacy systems what's right for customers, budgets and time?

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Re-architecting IT for multicloud: 5 key steps

The task for CIOs is to define an all-inclusive IT architecture for on-premises and private/public cloud computing. Here are 5 steps to stay ahead of the game.

Job Interviewing Skills

7 compelling qualities of business and enterprise architects

Business and enterprise architects that excel have certain skill sets.

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Events: the low-hype plumbing reshaping large-scale commerce architecture

Event-related architecture, technology and commercials are all so appealing that now is absolutely the time to start adopting this style of architecture.


What is TOGAF? An enterprise architecture methodology for business

TOGAF is an enterprise architecture framework that helps define business goals and align them with architecture objectives around enterprise software development.

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Reaching the APEX

Describing the enterprise as a pyramid helps reveal the breadth and depth the EA function and helps define the necessary structure for an effective practice.


The art of measurement in enterprise and business architecture

The need for strategic and tactical measurements, how to have effective measurements in place that aren't limited to IT architecture and, three sources of KPIs lists for various industries.


Enterprise architects as digital transformers

Enterprise architecture is critical to digital transformation. It can stop new business strategies from being realized or enable their realization.

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Form follows function

Should we even care about the “enterprise” and “business” architecture labels?

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The dark secrets of enterprise architecture

Architecture matters too much to entrust to a framework or methodology. But don’t worry: Not having a methodology isn’t a problem; it’s a liberation.

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Are your legacy systems living in the Jurassic Age?

Struggling to spark life into your legacy systems? Learn how a mindset change and an API approach can help.

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The possibilities and perils of platforms

There is a lot of buzz around the notion of platforms. This article communicates how platforms start with evaluating the organization's operating model to identify areas to expose one's firm as a platform. Once the business vision...


Big Iron: How IBM Z mainframes fit in the digital age

Mainframe is on the rise as part of a modern multi-cloud approach to IT.

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The importance of integrating legacy enterprises

In the digital age, the ability to integrate data, applications and process becomes critical – and the ability to integrate at will becomes a competitive advantage.

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TOGAF and defining a digital vision

Embracing The Open Group Architecture Framework allows architects and organizations to adopt additional or fewer steps to match the culture and approaches required within the firm. Just don’t expect a tight, holistic view to come out...

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How to set your priorities using architecture

Six business and enterprise architecture methods that should help you answer which one of your numerous initiatives should be delivered first – and which one should not make it into your priority’s list at all.

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Unmasking the BRM’s role in enterprise architecture

Using enterprise architecture to connect business and technology strategies. Harden your operating models.

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The enterprise architecture paradox

When done properly, EA can be instrumental to unlocking the value in all initiatives—digital or otherwise.

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