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10 things CIOs must absolutely know about their software

With the right kind of software intelligence, CIOs can keep risk low while modernizing systems for future success.

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How to recover from SaaS stack bloat in the enterprise

Enterprises are seeing massive growth of SaaS adoption within their organizations. However, tech officers need to get organized and address issues with license management, redundancies, governance and compliance. Here are 5 steps to...

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Enterprise no/low code platforms: A golden phoenix has risen

Today’s more modern no/low code platforms are finding their sweet spot within a CIO’s technology strategy. These no/low code platforms now offer new, more nimble ways for IT to help the business move faster and deliver improved...

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Always Connected PC: Still not a viable option for the enterprise

Windows 2-in-1’s based on the Snapdragon 850, Qualcomm’s first processor designed specifically for PC market, are now coming available. Though performance is much improved over first-generation Windows-on-Snapdragon systems, be...

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Oracle puts AI center stage at OpenWorld

Oracle is injecting machine learning into its offerings to improve payment processing, expense accounting, and hiring — and has launched subscription management services for its customers’ customers.

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Fighting fire with fire: the rise of enterprise software’s big change agent

To forge connected products and services that grow revenue, elevate customer experiences and expand market share, CIOs need a new way to link strategy with delivery across the enterprise.

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What it means to do business in the Age of Experience

There is no doubt that technology, and the speed at which is it changes, has significantly impacted the way we do business today. But although technology has vastly improved the transactional efficiencies of business, the true...

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Why Google and Amazon can win in any business – including yours

From film production and consumer electronics to healthcare and grocery delivery, Amazon and Alphabet (Google) are moving in many directions at once. They have pioneered a new strategic model and their data-first principles allows...

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The business evolution within the 4th Industrial Revolution

With all of its technological advancements both anticipated and yet realized, the 4th Industrial Revolution may be a revolution of industry but also a radical evolution of how business itself is conducted.

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How CIOs prove business value

CIOs to align better need to show the business value their team creates – without this their leadership is at increasing risk.

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Why automated business organizations may be the next big thing

Without the need for multiple layers of executives, decision-makers, and other middle men, DAOs can focus on their goals, and not on sustaining increasingly complex business structures.

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Why would Goliath buy a coyote?

Do you have the strategic competence to contribute to a multi-billion-dollar merger? Are you and your team nimble enough to contribute to integrating a new business into your portfolio? Find out as you learn lessons from Walmart’s...

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The hurricane preparedness guide for businesses

The period between June and November is one of the riskiest times for business. Why? Because it’s hurricane season.

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Value chains must become value stacks for successful IoT monetization

A new approach to pricing drives a win-win customer-supplier model.

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How to build value into sourcing deals

A conversation about enterprise trends, service provider capabilities and bridging the two.

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Yin and yang: business and IT

What’s the single most important factor that drives your business? If you answered technology, you could be right one day, but business innovation could be the correct answer the next.

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3 tips for keeping the service you want despite net neutrality changes

Since the December repeal of net neutrality rules, there have been plenty of questions and concerns raised by businesses, consumers and lawmakers alike. Now is the time to start getting answers and take stock of the services you have...

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EU plans special tax on digital services revenue

The European Union plans to make cross-border digital service providers pay tax in the countries where they do business, a move that will affect not just Google and Facebook but European companies too.

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