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Selling IT on getting the most out of a new firewall

The IT department was reluctant to take full advantage of the advanced functionality. So our manager annoyed them into compliance.

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Firewalls can't protect today's connected cars

While the automobile industry pursues more secure internal bus architectures, security experts say no network firewall will ever be totally secure, and it's more important to be able to detect and stop an attack rather than blocking...

Palo Alto service to flag particularly evil security attacks

Palo Alto Networks is introducing a service that tips customers off when it discovers unique or particularly dangerous attacks against their networks, giving them a heads up that perhaps they are the targets of particularly...

Waratek takes on SQL injections with new RASP approach

Companies looking to protect their Web applications from SQL injection attacks typically install a firewall in learning mode and train it to recognize attacks. It's not a perfect solution, but it's been the best available.

Creating a Human Firewall

UL charges up employees to ID & report phishing scam through behavior modeling.

Firewall Admins Turning Off Security to Boost Performance - Bad Move

Survey uncovers "existential tug-of-war"

Telco Systems lays groundwork for fewer management worries with virtual routers, firewalls

The company's platform lets service providers offer virtual router and firewalls

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Unlock the 4 Security Layers of BYOD

How a digital workspace on personal mobile devices can ensure the safety of companies and their employees

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Cisco Gains Strength in Next-Gen Firewalls via Sourcefire Code

Cisco is bringing technology obtained through last year’s acquisition of Sourcefire to its firewalls to enable threat-focused security for enterprises.


The Firewall: Questions Abound About its Future Role in Cloud, Mobile and SDN Environments

It’s been 20 years since Check Point FireWall-1 made firewalls mainstream.

DDoS attacks using SNMP amplification on the rise

After using open DNS and NTP servers for DDoS amplification, attackers are also abusing the SNMP protocol

4 Lessons CIOs Can Learn From the Target Breach

Retail giant Target made headlines after announcing that 110 million Americans were affected by a massive data breach at its stores. If you want to avoid the same fate, pay attention to these four lessons learned in the wake of the...

Network Firewalls Aren't Dead Yet

After 20-plus years of service, the technology remains a core part of the IT security stack despite its long predicted demise.

Everything You Know About Enterprise Security Is Wrong

Whether you're talking about your network, your company's building or your home, a perimeter approach to security is no longer adequate. As McAfee discussed at this week's RSA Conference, you can't provide physical or electronic...

McAfee Offers Global Response to Nationalized Malware

In medieval times, kings let barbarians break down the castle gates but made sure they paid the price once they got inside. McAfee's approach to security takes a similar approach -- since data breaches are inevitable, companies should...

Inside a Working Security Operations Center

A tour of a SOC operated by eSentire, which has spent the last few years growing their operations to secure hundreds of data centers globally. They use the familiar process of automation, detection, and mitigation, but focus on the...

Firewall Startup Aorato Sniffs Out Active Directory Anomalies

Startup Aorato comes out of stealth mode today with what it calls a firewall designed to protect Microsoft Active Directory shops.

Juniper vs. Palo Alto Networks: Firewall Court Battle Set to Begin

Call it the fist fight over firewalls for 2014. Juniper Networks is going for a knock-out against rival Palo Alto Networks in a patent-dispute lawsuit related to next-generation firewalls that's set to go to trial in Delaware in...

Symantec Walks Away From Managed Firewall and Endpoint Services

Symantec has downsized their Managed Security Services portfolio, ending support for the managed firewall and managed endpoint offerings. Symantec says the change is part of an effort to streamline things within the company's...

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