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Information governance in the federal government

Inexcusable mismanagement of classified data, secret e-mail accounts and wanton destruction of public information demonstrate that there isn’t any information governance happening in the federal government.

CIO Leadership Live with MITRE Corp.

CIO Leadership Live with Joel Jacobs, CIO at MITRE Corp. | Ep 4

Show host Maryfran Johnson talks with CIO Joel Jacobs of MITRE Corp., a private non-profit research organization that provides consulting, engineering, and technical services for numerous federal government agencies. A big part of its...

 project management knowledge sharing

Digital transformation in the public sector

Let’s rename it management transformation.

Pro-net neutrality rally in 2014

The end of Net Neutrality: the sky is not falling

Despite all the legitimate concern, as well as the hype, I do not expect significant impacts on mobile telecom management.

net neutrality computer internet broadband regulation goverment

Keep your dirty, stinkin’ hands off my Internet

A reading list on net neutrality.

H-1B Visa statue of liberty against american flag

Lessons from Visa and MasterCard: governments need to work with tech companies to respond to harmful content

Imposing fines, mandating blocking and threatening legislation against tech companies is the wrong approach for governments to take when responding to harmful content. Governments need to offer a partnership with tech companies to...

fingerprint scan biometric security system

GDPR: prepare your ERP system

It's become clear that GDPR is an issue that businesses must start to plan and adjust for as soon as possible. Are you?

trump reuters h1b visa

H-1B visa changes – IT service providers hedging their bets

Will their customers feel the impact?

passport stamps

Blockchain IDs need international consensus

Just as they agreed on the booklet format of a passport and the information included within, they must also do so for the next generation of IDs.

it healthcare conferences 2017 primary

The state of American healthcare

Healthcare change will not happen overnight, but some healthcare executives says they are optimistic about the future.

eye on computer monitor showing privacy security or breach

EU privacy law says companies need to explain the algorithms they use

Explainable AI is needed to fully comply with the new EU data protection law. But companies don't need to sacrifice the benefits of machine learning accuracy to do it.

smart cities iot

The technology powering smart societies

The development of a layer of intelligence creates a new society with different rules and challenges.

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U.S. Cyber Command gains status | Salted Hash Ep 1, Pt 2

Reporters Steve Ragan and Fahmida Rashid discuss the implications of the U.S. Cyber Command's recent elevation in status, putting it on the same level as the military’s other functional combatant commands.

Government building with greek columns

Digital revolution opens a world of opportunity for better government service

Public sector trailblazers are at a tipping point. As citizen demand for digital government continues to rise, organizations are finding new, more collaborative and innovative approaches to improving both services and outcomes. This...

Image of government building with columns

Obama White House Deputy CTO Jennifer Pahlka on global government, citizen-centric digital transformation

Code for America CEO Jen Pahlka explains why global governments must developed user-centered services.

artificial intelligence / machine learning

AI policy should be based on science, not science fiction

Speculative fear shouldn’t lead us into creating an omnibus regulatory structure to oversee all AI research. A fear-driven policy approach could significantly slow the development of AI systems that will make our homes and roads...

18F co-founder and former Presidential Innovation Fellow Rob Read’s tips on government IT modernization

Robert L. Read, who left being the Director of Development at Planview, Inc. to be a Presidential Innovation Fellow in 2013 and helped create 18F and 18F Consulting, shares his thoughts on modernizing government legacy systems.

Government building with greek columns

Harvard students partner with U.S. government to address digital skills gaps

Neel Mehta, a senior Computer Science major at Harvard University with a 4.0 GPA, is passionate about civic tech, and there were no good civic tech internship programs around for undergraduates to engage with government, so he started...

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