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Want a job in data analytics? Here’s why you should consider health and wellness

Professionals with a background in data analytics are in high demand. Find out what an analytics career in the health and wellness industry offers that other industries don’t.

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The approach to IT modernization at NYU Langone Health

A major, complex modernization initiative provides example of two success factors in managing transformational change.

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Easterseals Bay Area creates a North Star for payers and providers trying to drive real healthcare transformation

A discussion with Easterseals Bay Area’s CINO, Robert Van Tuyl, regarding how Easterseals Bay Area (ESBA) and its partners are changing the way healthcare services are delivered.

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4 predictions for health care IT 2018: steady as she goes

In a year marked by extreme policy uncertainty, we saw steady progress in the growth of digital health and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. Structural shifts in the market will be the wildcard for 2018.

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Using analytics to identify and predict patients’ physical health needs

A web-based tool that identifies and predicts patients most in need for therapy services in real time was born out of the recurring problem of missed therapy visits.

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With digital health apps, we can't always get what we want

There are some 318,500 mobile health applications available to download. However very few are gaining traction. Why is healthcare unable to grow adoption rates as fast as other sectors?

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The state of American healthcare

Healthcare change will not happen overnight, but some healthcare executives says they are optimistic about the future.

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5 companies using big data to disrupt healthcare

Big data analytics are disrupting industries everywhere, but health care is especially feeling the seismic shift in technology.

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The relationship between evidence-based and data-driven medicine

The potential biases of evidence-based medicine can be overcome with data-driven medicine, now that we are amassing large data sets from which AI algorithms can learn and discover.

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Out with the E, in with the C: the new battleground for digital health

Healthcare IT needs a new buzzword every year, and it seems like we’ve found one for 2018 that indicates a shift in the battleground for technology providers.

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How artificial intelligence is transforming patient experience

AI has the potential to vastly improve how patients feel about doctors, hospitals and healthcare in general.

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It’s a B2B world for digital health startups: Here's how it works

VC-funded digital health startups have pivoted from B2C to B2B models. They have to adapt to important structural and organizational aspects of healthcare B2B tech business.

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What the FDA’s new pre-certification program means for digital health and medical device industries

The recently announced FDA pre-cert program is likely to expand the market for innovative new digital health solutions while also providing a boost for traditional medical device companies. However, there are likely to be some...

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The incredible, shrinking shelf life of healthcare technology strategy

A perfect storm of policy uncertainty, marketplace transformation, and technology evolution has made strategic planning increasingly difficult for CIOs.

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How big data is disrupting the healthcare industry

Big data is enabling real-time monitoring, better preventative care, fraud prevention and more.

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Technology-led innovation in digital health: The law of inverse relationships

Digital health solutions, especially those built on emerging technologies, face a conundrum of high investments and low returns in the near term. Crossing the chasm requires an understanding of key market factors.

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AI in healthcare: The unevenly distributed future is here

There is a rapidly growing body of use cases for AI technologies in healthcare. Mainstream adoption may be a bit further along.

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AI as a way to overcome cognitive bias in physicians

Many kinds of cognitive biases can cloud physicians medical judgement. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, recommendations can emerge that help overcome these biases. In order for AI to be truly useful,...

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Can innovation help curb medical mistakes?

Innovative technologies focused on reducing medical mistakes are showing progress.

Data Security

A major medical device maker's unique approach to data security

Medical devices have a unique set of challenges related to IT security. Here's how a major equipment manufacturer tackles device security in the era IoT-enabled healthcare IT.

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