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The IT skills gap: are companies missing the boat?

Are we taking the necessary steps to balance the supply and demand of tech workers? The answer to outsourcing could be starting with our students.

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Customize your benefits to improve IT talent retention

Your valuable tech talent is more likely to stay if you offer benefits that match their needs — as those needs evolve.

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Gender diversity doesn’t happen without advocacy

How mentoring programs are not enough to truly increase diversity in companies’ leadership teams. Greater gender and ethnic diversity happens when advocacy from people in positions of authority embrace that responsibility.

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11 bad hiring habits that will burn you

From dragging out the process to missing red flags, missteps in the hiring process can lead to talent shortages, retention issues and mismatches that often derail team cohesion and productivity.

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The 7 most in-demand tech jobs for 2018 — and how to hire for them

From data scientists to data security pros, the battle for the best in IT talent will wage on next year. Here’s what to look for when you’re hiring for the 7 most in-demand jobs for 2018 — and how much you should offer based on...

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Driving effective organizational diversity

Why does diversity matter to CIOs? And what role if any do have CIOs have in creating it?

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How #MeToo and #TimesUp impact IT hiring

In IT organizations that may already be struggling to find and retain talent, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements add new urgency to address D&I and bust biases.

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C-Suite challenge: How to hire and keep the right tech talent

A few guidelines an effective hiring process with the involvement of the C-suite.

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How to develop the right strategy and find the right people for your cloud migration

As an increasing number of organizations move their applications to the cloud, CIOs must find staff with the right cloud-based skills to optimize their migration strategies.

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How CIOs can create a culture of workforce equality

Here are some immediate steps CIOs can take to create a culture of equality that benefits the entire organization.

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The human side of implementing AI

The issues holding back AI adoption aren’t technical. Here’s how to navigate unrealistic expectations, change management issues and employees leery of AI job loss.

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Nearshoring and the human advantage: The risks and relationship-based rewards of nearshoring

Hiring an outside development company is hard, and it’s about to get even more complex. Digital transformation, automation and artificial intelligence are poised to generate great efficiencies, but they represent a great unknown. More...

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Essential skills and traits of elite data scientists

These days the data scientist is king. But extracting true business value from data requires a unique combination of technical skills, mathematical know-how, storytelling, and intuition.

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Women in tech: how to increase gender diversity

The sooner you address gender imbalance at your tech business, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards that increased gender diversity offers.

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4 approaches to diversity and inclusion leadership

There’s no one-size-fits-all diversity and inclusion strategy. Here’s how four tech companies handle D&I — some with executive representation, some without.

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Female engineers need to fight their own battles

Female tech pros say mentorship and positive environments help, but the onus is on the individual to advance her career.

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Organizing for digital industrial leadership

Jennifer Hartsock, CIO of Baker Hughes, a GE company, explains how she uses a product management model to drive productivity.

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Artificial intelligence gives HR an opportunity to transform the enterprise

Human resources has to play a strategic role in leveraging AI to shape future of work and organization agility.

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