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Stopping workplace violence is everyone’s responsibility

Tech companies have a social responsibility to help stem the tide of hatred and violence.

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4 key changes to the H-1B visa program

Changes to the H-1B visa program went into effect April 1, aiming to improve and streamline the application and selection process of foreign national talent.

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Building a digital learning culture at Avery Dennison

Your digital strategy is only as strong as your least digital employee. That is why Avery Dennison built digital literacy into its multi-pronged digital transformation strategy.

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Top 5 regional hotspots for tech hiring in 2019

An in-depth look at the top 5 regional hotspots for tech hiring in 2019, including Boston, Charlotte and Denver.

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Your company culture and values are transparent, so why aren’t your salaries?

If workplace culture and values are so important, why undermine it by leaving your employees in the dark?

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Defining the role of the business analyst

The evolving role of the business analyst today is seeing not only a shift from technical to more business application, but also a question of identity as roles evolve to product owners and areas of business agility. So, what about...

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Gender pay gap shrinks, but there’s still a lot of work to do

Computer programmers saw the greatest pay gap reduction, but look beyond that, and you see how inequality for women exists in different ways.

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7 steps to landing your first IT job, fast

When making big career moves, it's sometimes hard to know where to start or how to get tangible results. Whether you're on track to graduate or in the process of switching careers, these essential tips should help you land your first...

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CIOs create a STEM Advantage, develop program to cultivate IT talent

A group of CIOs couldn’t find the IT talent they needed, so they created a program to encourage and prepare women and underserved communities to pursue STEM careers through paid internships.

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Moving IT closer to the action at Ryder System

By shifting more IT activity into the business units, Ryder System CIO Rajeev Ravindran ensures a collaborative approach to technology innovation at the $8.4B transportation and supply chain management company.

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Diversity and inclusion technology tools on the rise

Research from RedThread and Mercer shows a robust market for D&I technology tools. Here’s an overview of tools for supporting your diversity and inclusion strategy.

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9 ways to address the IT retirement boom

Demographic trends are placing pressure on long-term outlooks for IT staffing. Here’s how to address an increasing talent shortage before it becomes an existential crisis for IT.

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8 key roles of successful AI projects

As enterprises further develop artificial intelligence projects, they are finding that some roles are essential to success. But the right talent can be hard to find.

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11 most difficult IT jobs for employers to fill

From data scientists to DevOps engineers, the 2019 State of the CIO report reveals which IT roles are most difficult to fill.

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Culture change 101: Collaborate with HR to drive transformation

There’s no silver bullet for culture change, but CIOs should consider partnering with their CHROs on technology architectures and processes intended to shape and influence culture.

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12 ways to motivate IT staff

Delivering top-notch products and services takes an energized, committed, and creative team. Here’s how to inspire your staff to give you their best effort — now and for the long run.

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Are your hiring practices filtering tech talent you want and need?

You may not realize that the hiring philosophies you use to filter talent exclude swaths of qualified candidates. Tech companies continue to have abysmally low numbers of women and minorities within their ranks and must adapt their...

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D&I tech market grows as diversity and inclusion become a business priority

There’s been a flurry of activity in the diversity and inclusion (D&I) technology space as the tech industry uses its strengths to address discrimination and lack of representation.

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Employee retention: 8 strategies for retaining top talent

In a tight talent market, retaining talent is of utmost concern. Experts offer advice on how to keep your most valuable business asset: your employees.

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4 keys to assembling a successful agile team

Agile teams are only as effective as their members. These core factors and key questions will help you select and develop the best.

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