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blockchain ecosystem

IBM building blockchain ecosystem

To help build an ecosystem around IBM Blockchain and the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric, Big Blue is offering a program that includes tools and expert support.

finnair airplane

Finland's largest airline inks iOS deal with Apple and IBM

Finnair will work with Apple and IBM to develop a set of enterprise iOS apps for airplane mechanics and their supervisions. The software is expected to be available in early 2017.

ibm watson element for educators ios

With Watson Element, Apple and IBM aim to transform education

Apple and IBM this week released their first iOS app for academia. IBM Watson Element for Educators is designed to blend student data with curriculum and cognitive technology to improve and enhance personalized education for K-12...

apple mac macbook

IBM says Macs save up to $543 per user

IBM already has the world's largest enterprise Mac footprint, and it adds 1,300 new Macs every week. The company says its Apple devices save IT time and money, but the cultural changes at the 105-year-old company may be even more...

drone fields

Commercial drones take off to deliver new data and business models

The FAA today released new regulations for the low-altitude operation of commercial small unmanned aircraft, which has the potential to unlock a wave of new data and business models built on that data.

blockchain challenge

Bitcoin distracts from the real value of blockchain

If you are looking at bitcoin, you may be at risk of not seeing the full potential of blockchain. Bitcoin is somewhat of a distraction from the value blockchain may deliver to commerce globally; bitcoin creates a blind spot for...

 ibm watson

Open source R extension simplifies data science with IBM Watson

Open source R extension is designed to help data scientists access a bevy of Watson services without leaving their native development environment.

ibm microsoft

Should Apple worry about Microsoft-IBM deal?

IBM’s new partnership with Microsoft nearly mirrors a deal the enterprise giant struck with Apple in 2014. But that’s where the similarities end.

Changeable weather

IBM leverages machine learning for hyper-local weather

New precision forecasts will help businesses in industries ranging from aviation and agriculture to energy generation and retail better respond to their environment.

AI and cognitive computing: how to distinguish the real value proposition

There have been a number of accomplishments around AI and cognitive computing. How do these accomplishments translate into a real value proposition for businesses?

IBM quantum processor system

Queue up for IBM's quantum computer

Quantum computing is a brand new area of computing. IBM has made a breakthrough by creating a five-qubit quantum computer in a near-absolute-zero environment. That computer is available to anyone online via the IBM Quantum Experience....

Big data and machine learning – is the glass half empty?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is receiving much attention in light of big data and machine learning accomplishments. However, machine learning only represents half of the AI story.

Opportunity knocks for IBM customers, but will they answer?

IBM’s weakened position provides significant customer negotiation leverage.

lowes innovation labs in store holoroom

Does your company need an innovation lab?

Bi-modal IT may be tech buzzwords du jour, but creating a separate department (often in its own physical space) to do nothing but pure R&D is still an enticing prospect for embracing the innovator’s dilemma.

3 reasons why healthcare CIOs love wearables

Healthcare CIOs have been given a great gift for their efforts to deal with the transformation from pay-for-service to pay-for-value -- wearable devices. Strategically minded CIOs will aggressively take action to help their...

mobile enterprise apps

Apple and IBM partnership yields 100 iOS enterprise apps

Less than a year-and-a-half after Apple and IBM teamed up to create the MobileFirst for iOS program, the tech giants have released 100 iOS apps that target 65 professions across 14 industries including healthcare, banking and travel.

What IBM's willingness to share source code with China means

Although some have wondered about IBM's willingness to share source code with Chinese entities, its doing so makes sense. The company has embraced an open regime and has deep ties with Chinese partners and customers, particularly in...

012615blog ibm logo

IBM stirs Spark-as-a-service into IBM Bluemix

The new IBM Analytics on Apache Spark service is designed to allow developers to infuse applications on the Bluemix cloud platform with real-time analytics.

ibm watson

IBM brings Watson's cognitive computing to sports

Under a trio of new partnerships, IBM Watson will power apps that will help prevent concussions, change the nature of training in golf and transform the game-day experience of Pittsburgh Penguins fans.

cognitive computing

IBM launches cognitive computing consulting practice

The new IBM Cognitive Business Solutions will draw on the expertise of more than 2,000 consulting pros who bring backgrounds in machine learning, advanced analytics, data science and development, and industry and change management.

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