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Bing Has Your Oscars 2015 Predictions Cheat Sheet All Filled Out

Just in time for your Oscars pool, Microsoft has put its social sniffer to work, using online chatter, media predictions, and prior award winners to make its picks.

Microsoft Tightens Leash on POODLE Attacks Against IE11

Microsoft today took another step in a drawn-out move to protect Internet Explorer 11 against POODLE attacks, and said it would finally disable SSL 3.0 in the browser in April.

Is Windows 10 the Enterprise OS Businesses Have Been Waiting For?

Windows 8 was considered a disaster for both businesses and consumers. Should enterprises upgrade to Windows 10 quickly or wait as long as possible?

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Confirmed: Microsoft Spartan Browser Will Have Extensions, Unlike Internet Explorer

Microsoft wasn't kidding when it said Spartan would be totally different from Internet Explorer. The older browser never trafficked in extensions, but Spartan will take the opposite tack.

Internet Explorer Caused 2014 Surge in Microsoft Flaws, Research Finds

Despite improvement in Windows, IE vulnerabilities remain a major issue

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What Microsoft's 'Fresh Start' Browser Strategy Means

Microsoft will unveil a browser not named Internet Explorer alongside Windows 10. Here's what Microsoft may have in mind.

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Microsoft's Reported 'Spartan' Browser Will Be Lighter, More Flexible Than Internet Explorer

'Spartan could spell the future of Microsoft's browser technology: fewer compatibility issues, more multi-platform friendliness. It will reportedly launch alongside Internet Explorer as part of Windows 10.

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Microsoft Nixes EU Browser Ballot Screen

Microsoft has pulled the plug on the browser ballot screen it was forced to display in the aftermath of a threat by the European Union's antitrust agency five years ago.

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Microsoft Takes Slow, Cautious Path to Protecting IE Against POODLE

Microsoft yesterday added an optional anti-POODLE defense to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), and promised that additional protection would be switched on by default in two months.

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How to Pick the Best Browser for Your Enterprise

In the world of Web browsers, the Big 3 – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – all offer pros and cons for business use. We breakdown the top browsers with an eye on the enterprise.

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Microsoft Releases Stopgap POODLE Protection for Internet Explorer

Microsoft gave Windows customers an easier way to block attacks against Internet Explorer meant to steal browser session cookies and impersonate victims.

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IE Browser Running Slow? Dialog Boxes Could be to Blame

Microsoft has issued a hotfix to most major versions of Internet Explorer. The browser can slow down, or stop working altogether, due to dialog boxes.

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Microsoft Internally Debated Rebranding Internet Explorer

A few weeks ago, Microsoft employees debated the pros and cons of renaming Internet Explorer, employees said on Reddit. They also offered their thoughts on upcoming extensions and versions of the browser on other platforms.

How Risky Will it Be to Run Old IE after Microsoft's 2016 Patch Stoppage?

Older versions of the browser already contain fewer bugs than newer editions like IE11, analysis shows

Microsoft Slashes IE Support, Sets 'Huge' Edict for Jan. 2016

Company makes another move that will complicate the lives of its best customers: enterprises

IE Plays Security Catch-Up, Will Block Outdated Java Plug-Ins

An update to IE 8 through IE 11 next week will introduce a new warning when users try to run an outmoded Java ActiveX control

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