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How to use iOS 10.3's new Find My AirPods feature

Follow the beeps to find your missing AirPods.


How to create a mobile hotpsot with your iPhone or iPad senior writer Sarah White demonstrates what it takes to get your mobile hotspot access working so you can hit the open road.

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Is Google pushing Apple out of U.S. classrooms?

Chromebooks are quickly becoming the standard device in U.S. schools while Apple’s market share continues to slide.

Ken Mingis discusses Wifi Lightbulbs

Mingis on Tech: Self-driving cars, wireless charging -- and Wi-Fi lightbulbs?

Here's why the self-driving car of your dreams is a mirage, at least for the foreseeable future. But an iPhone that charges wirelessly? That might actually happen this year.

iphone enterprise

Apple and SAP to release ‘developer-centric’ tools for iOS

As the fruits of a relationship forged last May, Apple and SAP will offer developer tools and training to build iOS apps for the enterprise.

moov hr putting on sweatband

Into HIIT and don't mind looking dorky? This activity tracker is for you

Moov HR Sweat puts a 21st-century twist on that staple of 1980s workouts, the headband. If you're into HIIT and want to up your game, though, the $100 device is worth considering.

20 awesome Apple websites

Are you an Apple fan? Want to stay up to date with Apple news, reviews and product info? Here are 20 great Apple websites that are worth bookmarking in your browser.

iOS: The best email apps?

While iOS users can always opt for Apple's email app, there are also plenty of email apps from third party developers that can be a better match for some users.

Should Apple try to compete with Netflix and Amazon?

Tim Cook has hinted that Apple is getting ready to compete with Netflix and Amazon in original video content, but is it a case of too little and far too late?

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How IBM plans to expand MobileFirst for iOS program

IBM's MobileFirst for iOS initiative is now well into its third year. The head of the program and two of its customers talk to about progress, challenges and plans for 2017.

iPad: Big revenue drop shows it’s not a replacement for the Mac

iPad revenue dropped again, while Mac sales increased. Tim Cook was wrong, the iPad is not a replacement for the Mac

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run brings in big bucks for Nintendo on iOS!

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run for iOS is a huge hit, with more than 5 percent of users paying the full $9.99 price for the game for a total of more than $53 million in revenue.

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33% off SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 32GB for iPhone and iPad - Deal Alert

The perfect companion for your iPhone, the iXpand Flash Drive lets you free up space on your iPhone, back up your camera roll, and even watch videos straight from the drive4. The flexible Lightning connector works with most cases and...

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Apple's iOS 10.3 beta includes tool to find AirPods

Worried one of your AirPods will go missing? Apple feels your pain, adding a new tool to iOS 10.3 that will cause a lost AirPod to play a sound and reveal its location on a map.

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New iOS app Don't Leave It! does one thing well

Whenever you walk out of a designated range without your earbuds, keys, or other item, Don't Leave It! reminds you. The iOS-only app works well, but it's not your only location-based reminder option.

iOS 10.3: The end of annoying app rating reminders

Apple introduces a new API in iOS 10.3 that will eventually stop developers from annoying users with reminders to rate their apps in the iOS App Store.

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5 new and noteworthy features in iOS Evernote

Evernote 8.0, just released for all iOS devices, declutters the app's interface and makes it easier to create different types of notes, among other enhancements. But the app's stylus support still leaves something to be desired.

Has Apple become a boring company?

One former engineer thinks that Tim Cook has made Apple a “boring operations company.” Is it time for Scott Forstall to return to Apple?

Pornhub: iOS lagged slightly behind Android in 2016

Pornhub has released its year in review stats for 2016, and iOS users are lagging slightly behind Android users in porn use.

apple airpods review adam case open

Avoid lost AirPods with these $10 gadgets

Apple's cool new AirPods are small and somewhat easy to misplace, but these three affordable products can help ensure you never lose them.

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