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iOS 10: Disable Auto-Correction

Auto-Correction can be a royal pain in the rear end in iOS 10. Here’s how you can quickly disable it on your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel

iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel: Why I'm switching to Pixel

iPhone may have the retina display, but Google's phone is Pixel perfect. 

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Should Apple hobble FaceTime to battle distracted driving?

In 2014, a driver using Apple's FaceTime video app allegedly killed a five-year-old child. The grieving family says Apple knew the danger, and even patented a tech to reduce risk, but still did nothing.

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Apple's App Transport Security extension should concern IT

Apple backtracked on its 'App Transport Security' mandate, which would require all iOS apps to use secure network connections by 2017. The decision could affect CIOs and mobile administrators.

Is Apple milking the iPhone too much?

Apple is taking a lot of heat for failing to update the Mac, ditching its AirPort routers, and for not selling its own monitors. Is the company betting too much on the iPhone?

iOS: Should Apple control stalkerware?

Some iOS apps only provide the options “Always" or “Never” when it comes to tracking a user’s location. Does Apple need to force all apps to offer a “While Using the App” option?

iOS: Netflix launches downloads for offline viewing

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can now download movies and TV shows from Netflix to watch while offline.

Will Apple upgrade the iPhone SE in 2017?

Rumors suggest that Apple will not update its popular 4-inch iPhone SE in 2017, and that could be a big mistake. Users that prefer the smaller iPhone should have the option to upgrade to a better version of the iPhone SE.

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Beware these gotchas in T-Mobile's 'free' iPhone 7 offer

T-Mobile's Black Friday offer includes 'free' Apple iPhone 7s and Samsung Galaxys, but details in the fine print might make it less appealing to some consumers.

Stupid people and iPhone selfie deaths

The iPhone is a fantastic tool, but caution and common sense are in order if you are going to use it to take selfies in exotic locations or potentially dangerous situations.

Review: iPhone 7 Plus camera

The iPhone 7 Plus is selling like hotcakes! But how good is the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus?

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Apple predicts growth in near term despite down year

Apple this week reported its first annual decline in both revenue and profit since 2001, but CEO Tim Cook is confident the upcoming holiday season will put the company back in the black.

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iOS 10.1: Stop Portrait mode from creating duplicate photos

Here’s how you can stop Portrait mode from creating duplicate photos in iOS 10.1 on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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Google makes more than Samsung, Apple on flagship phone

The price Google charges for its Pixel XL smartphone is closer to what it costs to make the phone than what both Samsung and Apple charge for the GS7 and iPhone 7, but Google still makes more money. Here's why.


Pepe the Frog and Apple's political bias against Donald Trump

Apple’s biased and inconsistent app submission reviewers are on display yet again as the company rejects a pro-Trump app that features Pepe the Frog.

Will Apple release a 4-inch iPhone 8?

Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE has been a big hit with the company’s customers. But will Apple release a smaller version of the iPhone 8 in 2017?

Is it safe to sell your iPhone on Craigslist?

One Apple redditor finds out the hard way that the convenience of selling an iPhone on Craigslist can sometimes come with a very high price.

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Why I didn’t buy the iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 is a fantastic phone, but it’s just not for me. I’m going to keep my iPhone 6s Plus and wait patiently for the iPhone 8 Plus.

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Deloitte leaders detail new iOS partnership with Apple

Within weeks of the iPhone 7 release, Apple announced its fourth major enterprise partnership and joined forces with Deloitte. The consultancy's CEO and digital lead share details on its new Apple- and iOS-focused practice.

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Verizon iPhone 7 users report nagging connectivity issues

Many Verizon Wireless customers complain that their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartsphones frequently drop data and GPS connections, but neither the carrier nor Apple will confirm or deny the reports.

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