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Apple users react to Google’s new Pixel phones

Find out what some of Apple’s customers think of Google’s new Pixel Android phones. Is the Pixel really a match for the iPhone?

Why are so many people buying the iPhone 7 Plus?

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are both great phones, but many users are opting for the larger model instead of the smaller one.

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Why didn't Apple release iPhone 7 sales numbers?

For one of the first times since it introduced the iPhone, Apple didn't report initial sales numbers for a new phone. The company says it stopped sharing such numbers because they're no longer representative. But is Apple just doing...

9 reasons why I will be buying Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are not perfect but they are the best thing that has happened to earphones.

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What is it like to work in an Apple Store?

Find out what Apple employees and former employees think about working in an Apple store.

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Were Apple's 'leaked' iPhone 7 tweets really a mistake?

The recent iPhone 7 launch presented Apple with a fresh opportunity to tackle Twitter, but the company's first iPhone-related tweets came a half-hour before it officially announced the phone.

iOS 10: How to enable Rest Finger to Open

Tired of pressing the Home button to unlock your iOS 10 device? No problem, here’s how you can enable Rest Finger to Open in iOS 10 so you can unlock your device with Touch ID.

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After an epic iPhone 7 preorder fail, a pleasant surprise

If you're an iPhone Upgrade Program member who stayed up late last Friday to be among the first to order an iPhone 7 and went to bed empty handed, you're not alone. However, Apple is trying to make amends by releasing more iPhones.

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Cisco spotlights iOS 10's best business features

Apple's latest version of iOS comes packed with features for Cisco's corporate customers. At least 30 organizations have already tested the iOS enhancements, and Cisco says they saw significant IT management gains.

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iPhone 7 reviews roundup: Is it worth the money?

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? Find out what the critics think of Apple’s newest iPhones before you buy one.

iOS 10: How to use Magnifier

Magnifier lets you use your iPhone or iPad’s camera to make things larger and easier to see such as small text on food labels and other products.

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Why iPhone 7 might be a better fit for enterprise than consumers

Apple's new iPhone 7 may not have an audio port, but it does pack many improvements that are much more important to business users.

Super Mario Run might disappoint iPhone and iPad gamers

Don't get your hopes up about Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad. It's not quite the same kind of game as the Mario we've come to know on Nintendo's own systems.

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Behind the scenes of Apple's iPhone 7 event

CIO.com was at Apple's iPhone 7 unveiling this week and shot a series of photographs that provide an insider's view of the exclusive event.

Why I love Blizzard’s WOW Legion companion app for the iPhone and iPad

Blizzard has released a terrific iOS companion app for its World of Warcraft Legion expansion. If you're playing Legion in WOW, you should get this app right away.

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Irritated iPhone 6 users sue Apple over 'touch disease' defect

A group of iPhone users claim Apple has refused to fix a defect in its iPhone 6 and 6s phones that causes displays to die, and the frustrated customers took legal action in California this week.

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iPhones are much more likely to 'fail' than Androids

A new report suggests Apple smartphones are significantly more likely to experience serious hardware or software problems than phones from Samsung and other Android phone makers.

What do iPhone 6s Plus owners think of their phone?

Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus is the company’s flagship phone and one of its most important products. But what do owners of the iPhone 6s Plus think of their phone? Is it worth buying?

iPhone: Do you keep battery percentage on or off?

Some users love having the battery percentage displayed on their iPhones, while others have absolutely no use for it whatsoever.

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CIOs express mixed emotions on Apple’s enterprise evolution

Not all IT leaders are happy with Apple choice to largely keep the enterprise at arm's length, but the company has made notable progress in business. These developments, large and small, helped changed the IT industry's perception of...

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