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Apple TV Remote app can replace your real remote — with 1 exception

The new Apple TV Remote app for iOS replicates the majority of functionality in the fourth-generation, Siri-enabled hardware remote control, but it lacks a very important feature.

Zagat restaurant guide

Zagat restaurant app for iOS gets major makover

Google acquired restaurant-rating service Zagat in 2011, and it has essentially been MIA ever since. But Zagat is back with a useful new iOS app and simpler rating system foodies will love.

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Kindle Oasis and two must-have mobile apps for summer 2016

CIO.com mobile tech reviewer James A. Martin highlights the best mobile device and apps he reviewed so far this summer, including a pricey ereader and two useful productivity apps.

Do Not Disturb is one of the best features in iOS

Many iOS users love Do Not Disturb because it prevents annoying interruptions while they are trying to sleep or otherwise prefer not to be disturbed. Here's how you can turn it on and configure it.

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SoftBank buys ARM: What will Apple do?

SoftBank will buy ARM for $32 billion. Should Apple be worried about its ARM licenses? Will Apple make its own bid for ARM?

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Polaroid Swing app brings 'Live Photos' to old iPhones

Polaroid's hay day may be long gone, but the brand is not forgotten. The latest Polaroid product is a new iOS camera app that adds short bursts of video to images, similar to Apple's Live Photos feature for iPhones.

iOS 10: Did Apple make Messages too complicated?

Apple did a big upgrade to Messages in iOS 10. But did the company overload Messages with too many new features?

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Why you should avoid OS upgrades from Microsoft and Apple (for now)

New OS software can be very buggy, especially if it's still in beta form. Here's how to avoid potential problems with new Windows and iOS updates, as well as how to uninstall the latest test version of Apple's mobile OS.

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How to get rid of the digital dust by creating a sustainable device plan

A corporate sustainability program that includes policy, procedure and a plan for recycling technology devices not only benefits the environment, but may also add to your operating bottom line.

Does Apple's ecosystem lock in users?

Apple’s ecosystem offers many advantages, but some disadvantages as well. Some users love being all Apple, while others balk at putting all their eggs in the Apple basket.

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The iOS hotel app for people who hate hotel apps

The new Tablet Hotels app for iOS is ideal for travelers who don't want to wade through hundreds of hotel choices. However, its premium version is pricey, despite a year-long trial option, and the app isn't aimed at deal hunters.

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Apple purposefully avoids enterprise at WWDC

Enterprise definitely was not the star of Apple's show at WWDC last week. The company barely mentioned business users or developers during the opening keynote, but it did introduce several improvements that should have far reaching...

iOS 10: Is the Home button doomed?

Apple has done some great tweaks to the Home screen in iOS 10, and these changes might be a harbinger of doom for the Home button in a future iPhone.

ios 10 devices compatibility

iOS 10: Which Apple devices can run it?

Wondering if your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can run iOS 10? Here’s a complete list of all devices that are compatible with iOS 10.

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What Apple's new open stance means for iOS apps

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple this week empowered third-party developers to further integrate their apps with native iOS software. The changes should have significant impact behind the scenes of iOS and on...

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Why you won't see a U.S.-made iPhone any time soon

Despite political bluster from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, it's simply not possible for Apple to build the iPhone in the United States, and even if it could be done, the change would add $100 to the phone's price, according to...

Apple Music

4 ways Apple could fix Apple Music

The Apple Music service and mobile app leave a lot to be desired, but these four simple modifications would go a long way toward fixing the company's busted music service.

Motion Stills: Google’s free app turns Live Photos into GIFs

Google releases a new app that turns your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus Live Photos into GIFs that loop forever, or you can opt to make them movies. Motion Stills also provides helpful stabilization algorithms.

Ipsum is an iOS journaling app with a chat twist

Ipsum is a bare-bones, chat-like journaling app for iOS that offers a real alternative to traditional journal apps. It's a different way of journaling that might appeal to users of Messages and WhatsApp.

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Turns out Siri isn't just a creepy robo wench — she's a hero

Apple's Siri voice assistant reportedly helped save an Australian child's life, and the incident should help convince skeptics that the somewhat-surly Siri can be useful ... if a bit moody.

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