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European Union [EU] flag and binary code

European Union [EU] flag-lock on top of a map of Europe

Becoming GDPR compliant quickly, effectively and risk-free

The hype around the GDPR compliance has recently reached the fever pitch recently. Thus, it seems essential to share the tips that help company become GDPR compliant without risks and on time.

chasing grace project

Chasing Grace Project highlights women in technology

Jennifer Cloer wanted to change the narrative around women in technology. So, she launched a film production company to bring women's stories to life -- Wicked Flicks Productions -- and created The Chasing Grace Project.

digital money - binary code

Predicting the future with social physics and blockchain

Identifying and appreciating the human presence in markets is crucial to determine what kind of future cryptocurrency has.

digital transformation 2

What should CIOs leading digital transformation focus on in year two and onward in the journey?

When a digital transformation enters its second or third year, CIOs should increase their marketing and communications around the program and look for places where practices like devops and data governance are needed.

Heartbeat, EKG and stethoscope in a binary environment

Debunking the robodoc: the pivotal role of human-machine collaboration in the future of diagnostics

AI-based diagnostic technologies will likely play a major role in the future of healthcare — but this doesn’t mean that physicians and diagnosticians need to fear for their jobs.

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How to be compliant with data breach notification laws

As a CIO, the bucks stops with you for matters pertaining to data breaches and compliance towards subsequent notifications.


Do you have a compelling innovation story?

Three keys to achieving a successful transition to innovation.

10 global policy

Policy challenges of artificial intelligence

Developments in artificial intelligence are a driver of new products and services that will improve the richness, variety and comfort of our lives, speed up productivity growth, and make consequential decisions fairer and more...

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7 things you should never, ever say when giving a presentation

Common expressions that instantly undermine all your efforts.

watch time planning expertise motion efficiency

5 signs it’s time to upgrade your ERP system

Debating whether you should upgrade your ERP system? Here's a list of the key signs that your business is being held back by its current version.

thinkstock podcast

Top 26 entrepreneur podcasts to listen to in 2018

All entrepreneurs, both established and aspiring, should check out this list of spirited newcomers and perennial favorites.

success ts

Tony Robbins extracts the 3 secrets of digital success from the founders of Skype, Venmo and Airbnb

Although each digital pioneer had unique stories to tell, powerful themes were common to all of them.

framework metal

User experience (UX) frameworks can drive productivity and product quality

Advice on implementing a UX framework within an IT organization.

FinTech - Mobile Banking - Unified Endpoint Management U[EM]

Fintech and credit cards: where are we heading?

Digital tools are expected in all fields, and certainly in banking and financial services.

retail experience

Companies embrace blockchain to modernize loyalty programs

Unlike the current standards for awarding miles and points to loyal customers that come with numerous restrictions attached, new blockchain-based services are demonstrating that the capability for building a model that serves all...

customer experience

Wake-up call: today’s B2B software buyer has completely changed

How can B2B software companies succeed in the future? By aligning with how the customer actually wants to buy, not how sales wants to sell.

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Why enterprise architecture maximizes organizational value

Increase agility, reduce solution delivery time and create a shared vision using the patterns of enterprise architecture.

service bell

Service management – more than just IT

The list of tasks that service management can address in every department in the enterprise is almost endless.

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