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Approaching government modernization like a 21st century home investment

Compare modernizing a government agency to investing in and remodeling a home today.

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AI: Going from sci-fi to business value requires some groundwork

AI might be hot right now, but your organization is going to have to do some groundwork first if you want to deliver value to the business. AI can advance digital transformation but before you jump all in, some initial prep and...

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10 technologies every CxO needs to understand as they move into the future

There was a time when every aspect of organizational technology fit squarely within the purview of the CIO. But ask any senior executive of any size company today, and they’ll tell you that things aren’t as clear cut as they used to...

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When big data and cybersecurity collide

Protecting your company’s data starts with understanding it first.

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Ohio v. American Express is sensible antitrust policy

Supreme Court’s Ohio v. American Express decision is more sensible in how it handles antitrust policy than some realize.

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A new paradigm for cloud training

Leading enterprises have recognized that building skills from within is the best long-term solution to contend with the current skills gap, which is why a new paradigm for cloud training is needed.

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Why companies end up spending more on digital technologies than anticipated

Digital technologies are like animals that travel and hunt in packs.

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Why organizations must act like software companies with agile, devops, APIs and analytics capabilities

More evidence showing that business that successfully invest and deliver technologies outperform their peers and capture most of the market share.

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Remote workforce challenges are increasingly being met with telecom expense management: IDC survey

Rapidly expanding remote workforce + fast evolving mobile telecom technology + ever-changing carrier rate and equipment plans = big challenges for enterprise telecom managers. New survey by IDC finds four most significant challenges...

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How health care orgs are addressing AI challenges

Health care companies are embracing artificial intelligence for everything from drug research to diagnostics, but challenges centered around privacy, data and the AI ‘black box’ remain.

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5 top blockchain trends of 2018

Watch for Internet of Things connectivity, increased use of smart contracts, increased regulation, content streaming, and blockchain in the jobs market.

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The consumerization of the workplace is changing collaboration

The consumerization of the workplace is here to stay, and it is transforming the way your teams work together.

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Wi-Charge demos wireless charging over distance

The ability to charge hardware over distances of several meters has always seemed to be something of a pipe dream. But Wi-Charge says the technology works – and actual product shipments could begin early in 2019.

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The outlook for machine learning in tech: ML and AI skills in high demand

Discover the latest projections for the future of machine learning in tech, including the mainstream adoption of NLP and voice-driven interactions and the rise of innovative ML/AI talent development initiatives.

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How financial services firms can thrive after Brexit

Though financial services companies may be worried about post-Brexit challenges to recruiting, those who prepare for them can offset coming workforce gaps and shortages. By understanding what’s driving these challenges and the...

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The challenges and perils of intermediary liability

Companies generate controversy when they don’t moderate content – but even when they do.

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Digital transformation and the law of small numbers

Recent studies indicate a slowdown in the shift to value-based care and a struggle to reap the benefits of digital transformation. The answer may lie in understanding the law of small numbers.

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How the Walmart-Microsoft partnership builds on the four strategic themes for digital transformation

Digital transformation insights from Microsoft's worldwide lead for retail strategy examining the strategies of their Walmart partnership.

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