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Microsoft Managed Desktop: All your Windows 10 devices, managed by Microsoft

With Microsoft Managed Desktop, Microsoft is betting your organization has better things to do than endpoint management. Early customers like the Seattle Reign show what to expect.

phishing hacker binary keyboard privacy security breach

What exactly is a privacy risk?

Without knowing what privacy risks are, businesses and consumers would be left in the dark under new privacy law proposals.

women in business

Making room at the top

We need to consider if women are being denied opportunities, or just selecting an alternate career path.

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The promise of artificial intelligence in diagnosing illness

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is about more than predicting readmission rates. It can help diagnose disease.

digital transformation butterfly keyboard programmer code  by sean stratton unsplash

How digital transformation is shaping industries

Digital transformation is creating an opportunity for innovation across all industries that is nothing short of a renaissance. From retail to life sciences, we are seeing a complete reinvention of products, services and experiences...

fighting fire with fire man with lit torch change agent

How to build for change in a cloudy world

Integration is one of the most strategic initiatives an organization can invest in today. Is it part of your cloud strategy?

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The workforce awakens: insights for the service desk

How to enable the new work environment employees are requesting and facing the challenges of a changing IT landscape.

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Why big tech firms are going after the primary care experience

Think Amazon Prime for healthcare (without a return policy). However, it’s complicated.

7 artificial intelligence

Humans and machines meet in the missing middle

Why understanding the “and” is a fundamental principle for becoming an AI-empowered business.

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From sleeping pods to remote work plans, are companies becoming too flexible?

How should work work? Balancing perks and productivity in the workplace.

drone delivery package future

Drones in the supply chain: the evolving drone landscape and ecosystem

The integration of drones into the supply chain is upon the enterprise.

programming languages books

When it comes to IT training, are books an outdated learning mode or a hot product?

Put another way, should books be part of your training solution?

happy employee selects the happiness emoji button to indicate job satisfaction

Embracing emerging practices like UX design in B2B

The willingness to embrace emerging practices separates winners and losers in B2B commerce. But bringing UX design into the B2B space isn’t that simple. To make emerging practices like UX design work for your brand, you need to...

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Wanted: Artificial and human intelligence to secure corporate data

Companies need both AI-driven automation and trained personnel to combat shape-shifting cyberthreats.

Conceptual images of a man with a torn-paper effect obscuring his mouth.

NDAs stifling tech workers’ voices

Anonymous polling conducted by TeamBlind shows tech workers are being silenced by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).


Striking a delicate balance: Technology should augment, not replace, human interaction in banking

Technology can contribute limitless value to humans, thanks to the power of data and analytics to more efficiently serve banking customers. But banks must never forget that the person is still the pivotal component of that...

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How intelligence is transforming B2B commerce

Change is once again coming to commerce and it’s being powered by intelligence. Through the strategic use of advanced intelligence technologies, B2B businesses can now supercharge commerce experiences, making them more powerful and...

2 online banking

Can digital help re-invent banking?

How can IT leaders at financial institutions deliver positive digital experiences to customers and colleagues, despite operating in a highly regulated industry which is often dependent upon legacy technology?


Why Is The Universal Team Management Tool for Your Team

This platform is perfect for teams sized at 2 to 200 — and gives every employee the same level of transparency.

depression businessman thinking loss sad overworked

Employer’s Blues: the flip side of today’s job portability paradise

Finding job satisfaction in today’s hot tech jobs market.

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