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The top 4 IT security hiring priorities and in-demand skills for 2019

IT security talent is by no means cheap, as with all niche, in-demand talent groups in today’s candidate-driven market. But the real question business leaders are starting to ask themselves is whether they can withstand the cost of...

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Your guide to top tech conferences 2018-2019's sortable, searchable directory of technology conferences makes it easy to find events coming to a convention center near you (or ones worth a trip out of town).

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Why pay for tech certifications is declining

New highly-validated data from 3,305 employers reveals that the average cash market value for hundreds of tech certifications is at its lowest point since 2015.

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What about TED Talks?

It used to be everyone wanted to be a rock star. These days, everyone wants to give a TED Talk. But in everyday business we don’t need rock stars, we just need to be able to develop and deliver good ideas, presented with energy and...

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Why a computer may be your next manager

As we continue to instrument every facet of modern work, it's beginning to enable data-driven management. The flip side of this data-driven augmentation, however, is that it may make the act of management the prime target for...


Top technical skills that will get you hired in 2019

Landing the perfect IT job is never easy, but certain technical skills can smooth the way, especially if they’re in high demand. Here are the fastest-growing skills in tech job searches that could land you a role in tech in 2019.

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How university partnerships are priming tech talent pipelines

Companies are increasingly partnering with colleges and universities to help foster real-world digital skills — and get a head start on hiring for hard-to-fill tech roles.


Teaching technology, enhanced lives and building local economies

There is a wonderful undercurrent of technology training specifically designed to enhance the lives and standard of living of those attending their classes, while simultaneously helping build local economies and providing a trained...

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Grooming future IT leaders

How can CIOs improve their grooming of future leaders?

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Is automation the biggest threat to your job in 2019?

Automation is replacing jobs at an ever-growing pace, but should you be worried? Here’s what to know about automation and how to prepare.

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7 master data management certifications that will pay off

Individuals with expertise in master data management (MDM) are essential to helping organizations get the most out of their data and comply with regulations. Here are the MDM certifications that will give your career an edge.

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Managing tech pros in 2019: What’s ahead and why

2018 was the watershed year in tech labor that our analysts anticipated. A new era in managing the tech workforce has begun that will challenge even the best employers.

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IT training: The most effective options for upskilling IT staff

Continuing education and skills training are vital tools for remaining competitive, engaging staff, and retaining top talent.

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Skills CIOs will hire for in 2019

Soft skills are critical. And with the right approach, they can be codified, taught and transferred within your organization with the staff you already have.

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7 business analyst certifications to advance your analytics career

Business analysts blend data skills and business acumen to the benefit of analytics-driven organizations. Here are seven noteworthy certs to help you get ahead as a business analyst.

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7 hot IT training trends — and 7 going cold

Effective training programs have become strategic imperatives in this era of tight talent markets and constant technical change. Here’s how to keep your workforce sharp.

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How to address gender-based training gaps in the workplace

To get more women in leadership roles, organizations must overcome awareness and accessibility gaps in their learning and development programs.

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Reskilling for digital...or, can a leopard really change its spots?

Skills in supporting digital transformation are at a premium. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations took traditional IT technical staff and tried to change them into digital analysts. Their challenge? To see if a...

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